Williams said “immediately” the dismissal of Nicholas Latifi and the signing of Nick de Vries

Nick de Vries capped his good weekend debut in Formula 1 by finishing ninth in the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday.

The Dutchman had his first practice with Aston Martin on Friday and that, as far as he knew, was the end of his weekend programme.

He was at the track club enjoying a cappuccino on Saturday morning when he got a call from Mercedes, who then asked him to head to Williams.

Alex Albon developed appendicitis overnight, and was later ruled out for the rest of the weekend.

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At about 90 minutes’ notice, the 27-year-old needed to have his rest of his coffee, brief with Williams engineers, don a racing suit and install his seat, as he was chosen as Albon’s replacement.

Fortunately, he had already completed some running with the British side earlier in the season, so they had a seat ready to put in the car for him, and he was ready for the final practice.

The former Formula E champion was ten seconds slower than his teammate Nicholas Latifi, and edged out the Canadian later in the afternoon.

He might have made the Q3 had it not been for an incorrect brake bias setting caused by the key configuration on the Albon’s steering wheel, which is unusual for him.

In the race, De Vries held eighth for much of the afternoon, only being served when Sir Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez came in after starting to fall behind on penalties.

Cautious on retirement for Fernando Onso and Daniel Ricciardo, he earned two points on his debut.

Latifi’s contract will expire at the end of the season, and de Vries’ performance this week could put him in the best place to succeed his 27-year-old teammate if the Grove-based team decides not to renew it.

Almost inevitably, Latifi was ridiculed on social media as pressure continued on Al Kindi.

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A number of F1 fans have urged Williams to sack Latifi “immediately” and replace him with the Dutchman.

“Hope to see de Vries at Williams again in Singapore,” one wrote.

Another said: “They need to fire Nicholas Latifi immediately after this embarrassment.”

De Vries described his debut as a “dream” while speaking to Sky Sports after the race.

He added, “Honestly, I didn’t dare to dream of such a debut, the past 24 hours have been so frantic, I didn’t have much time to think.”

“My sleep was so bad, it went from excitement to nerves, and so many different thoughts went into my head.

“And this morning, I was struggling to eat breakfast, but actually the closer we got to the race, the more excited I got, and every kind of show, driver parade and excitement set off.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity and also how we got it with both hands as a team.”