Twitch Bans Big Gambling Sites After Banners Threaten Strike

The Twitch logo is in the middle of a bunch of gambling images, such as the number 7, chips, and playing cards with aces on them.

picture: Twitch / Kotaku / Victor Ward (stock struggle)

It’s been about 24 hours for the purple people. After a scandal broke out that Twitch Streamer was scamming viewers and peers alike out of the alleged $200,000 in funding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive addicted, prominent figures began to put pressure on the streaming company to do something about the larger underlying problem. gambling Lots of people have been arguing for a while now, has become a disaster on the platform, as a number of rich creators have promoted potentially harmful content to vulnerable young audiences. While Twitch seemed to let this happen for a long time, the Amazon-owned platform About a massive change in terms of today’s gambling flows It will have major repercussions for creators and viewers alike.

According to a new update released on social media, Twitch will no longer allow “streaming of gambling sites that include gambling, roulette or dice games that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdictions that provide adequate consumer protection.” The list currently includes,, and although Twitch says it may expand as the company continues to assess the situation. However, Twitch will continue to allow sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker. It looks like these are the high-level changes that will take effect from October 18, and Twitch is gearing up to share more details soon.

While not all gambling-related information is available on the platform yet, it’s possible that Twitch will share these key details early on due to the uproar that was launched in late September. Earlier this week, broadcast watchers like Pokimane suggested they would team up with some of the other popular characters on the platform and hit during a high-volume time, like Christmas, unless Twitch issues a statement about the crisis or issues new game rules.

While the new rules don’t completely ban gambling, they do target some of the biggest websites favored by streamers, or popular sponsors. And the results will be massive: Not only is gambling one of the most popular categories of content, with the biggest faces on the platform like the xQc post, some creators like Tyler Fraz “Trainwreck” Niknam have stated that they make up to a million months of gambling companies they feature in-stream.

That’s not counting how much might be made from viewers gambling while sharing the referral codes streamers blast on stream (something they no longer can do), or any other sponsorships a Twitch streamer might receive through more conventional means on the platform. While these streamers have stressed in the past that they’ve told viewers not to gamble themselves, it was obvious that business was booming.

In its announcement, Twitch reminded people that it already had some gambling rules in place, but that “some people circumvent those rules and expose our community to potential harm.”

While the new rules aren’t live yet, people who pushed for this change are celebrating. There was, after all, plenty of skepticism over whether or not Twitch would do anything further about gambling, with Some notable creators such as Hassan Abi expresses That activity simply generates so much revenue for the platform that you block it entirely.

Pokeman, who got over it 300,000 people express their support against gambling streams in one dayAnd the chirp. “Public pressure, tweets, outreach, it all matters.”