Turkey’s Furkan Korkmaz was allegedly attacked by players of the Georgian team at the 2022 European Basketball Championship

The Turkish Basketball Federation said that player Furkan Korkmaz was assaulted by members of the Georgian national team and the national police after he was expelled from a match during the 2022 European Basketball Championship.

The Turkish Federation is calling for a review and threatening to withdraw from the tournament if it does not receive security footage of the alleged incident.

The match was held on Sunday at the Tbilisi Arena in Tbilisi, Georgia. Prior to the alleged altercation, Korkmaz, who is also the Philadelphia 76er’s goalkeeper, made two technical errors and was ejected from the match after he blocked Georgian player Duda Sanadze.

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According to Eurohoops.netEuroleague Basketball’s media partner, Turkish Federation Vice President and former team player Omer Onan, issued a statement describing the nature of the attack and claimed that the Georgian National Police were involved.

“While Furkan Korkmaz was walking down the hall to the dressing rooms with our coach, he was attacked by Georgia players who were not on the active list with (Sanadze) and the police,” Onan said in a statement to Eurohoops.net.

“There should be no attack on a player who goes to the locker room. At the end of the match, we got 30 cops into a fight. We got into a fight with the official police in Georgia. I appeal to FIBA ​​and I have also told FIBA ​​officials. No one fools themselves or thinks we are idiots. They will bring us all the camera footage from this lane minute by minute with nothing missing. If these cameras don’t come to us, we will leave this contest.”

Philadelphia guard 76er Furkan Korkmaz (30) controls the ball against the Detroit Pistons during the 2022 game at Wells Fargo Center.

Turkey assistant coach Hakan Demir spoke after the match and repeated Onan’s comments regarding the alleged attack on Korkmaz.

“We came here to play basketball, not boxing,” Demir was quoted by Eurohoops.net as saying. So we are very disturbed by the security weakness that we are witnessing today.”

In the match, Georgia beat Turkey 88-83 in overtime twice. According to Eurohoops.net, Turkey also protested the result after Demir claimed 22 seconds had been left off the watch. Demir said after the match that it wasn’t just two seconds that “makes us believe the situation is not just a mistake,” according to Eurohoops.net, who also reported that Demir was speaking at the press conference because Turkey coach Ergen Ataman was sent off at the end of the second overtime period.

“We came to Georgia expecting to be in a sister country,” Demir said. “Yes, there was tension between the players on the field today, but it is not possible for us to accept what happened next. The players can get nervous with each other on the field, but they are friends off the field. It is very sad that the security guards are also involved in an incident Today. Of course Georgia won the match, and I congratulate them too, but that’s not the point. What really matters is what happens in the lanes.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: European Basketball Championship 2022: Furkan Korkmaz attacked by Georgian players