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One of the things I’ve been curious about a lot is in terms of when the GMs of fiction will continue to craft a player who thinks this is going to be the year of that player’s bounce.

I am guilty of this. In the points-only goalkeeper league, I crafted Ryan Kessler Three years in a row, always in the last round with my last picks, hoping to come back again. He did in two of those years when he posted consecutive 50-plus seasons with the Ducks.

I wonder how many of us feel close to those players we put on the list when that player struggled. To what extent does emotion play a role in shaping us? Does this emotional connection make us more likely to recruit this player again next season? Or do we remember the pain of the struggle and are unlikely to master it, even though the signs point to a recovery campaign?

Below are 10 players nominated for the bounce season.

10. Brendan Gallagher

While many Habs players saw a massive improvement in production last season when Marty St. Louis took over as head coach from Dominique Ducharme, Gallagher had a more modest improvement despite the less icy time.

Ducharme: 27 games, four goals, 10 points, minus nine, 28 center points, three strengths, 65 shots, 15:20 on the night.

St. Louis: 29 games, three goals, 14 points, plus two, 41 center points, four strengths, 77 shots, 14:43 on the night

The biggest benefit from Gallagher’s struggles last year was his payback percentage. He finished 4.9 percent in shooting, a significant drop from the previous season’s 13.2 percent and the lowest level of his career. He still needs to stay healthy, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Gallagher to return to a 20-goal, 50-point season this year.

9. Elvis Marslikins

With a 27-23-7 record last year, Merzlikins had points in the majority of his matches, but many of the base numbers weren’t great. He can be forgiven this difficult season, as it was not easy to play so soon after losing Matis Kevlinex, his best friend and fellow Latvian goalkeeper of the Blue Jackets organization. Columbus has worked to improve his team this season, which will have a huge impact on the net makers. take Johnny Goudro It will create more attack, which will result in more Merzlikins wins.

8. William Carlson

Last year was Carlson’s worst as the Golden Knight, scoring just 12 goals and 35 points in 67 games. His shooting percentage was 8.9 percent, the first time he’s been below double digits while with the Golden Knights, and a significant drop from his average of 15.9 percent as Vegas approaches the season. now with Max Priority Went to Carolina, maybe Carlson could steal his place at the top of the PSU. Last year, Carlson had only three strengths. Moving to double digits in this category will greatly help get Karlsson back to the 55-point pace.

7. Neil Bionic

In 2019-20, Pionk earned 45 points in 72 games, a 52-point pace while he was at the top of the PU. The following year, he was left out of the top spot for much of the season but still had 32 points in 54 games, a 49-point pace. Last year, that dropped to 34 points in 77 games (at a 36-point pace) while he and Josh Morrissey Take turns on the upper unit. Even with a production setback, he’s still great in the multi-team leagues (his averages per game last year were 1.82 shots, 2.4 hits, and 1.18 blocked shots). It’s still too early to tell what new coach Rick Bowness will do with a power play, but Pionk should be able to get back to the 40-point pace even without it.

6. Jeff Petri

Petrie’s bad season last year was exaggerated as many fantasy hockey general managers became convinced last year’s Petrie was his new normal. He’s still great in many tournaments, contributing kicks and blocking shots. Now at Pittsburgh, he’s on a much better offensive team than he was in Montreal a year ago. Although not at the top unit power play, Petry’s equal production should see a significant increase, and he should be back at the 45-point pace again this season.

5. Martin Nikas

In the coronavirus brief season, Nikas finished 82 games at a 63-point pace (and was flirting with 70 until the last few weeks of the season). Last year, it dropped to a 42-point pace. One reason may be how he bounced around the lineup. According to Natural Stat Trick, Vincent Trochek He was the only player who lined up with Nikas for at least 50 percent of Nikas’ bouts (and only 53 percent of the time). The next line was the most popular Andrei Svichnikov by 31 percent and Sebastian Aho by 18 percent. It makes it hard to find chemistry that way. injury Max Priority It should help ensure the Necas can get some better six minutes, and hopefully some repeat mates.

4. Marc-Andre Fleury

Last year was a year Fleury owners want to forget. He struggled in Chicago, and while his numbers with Wild weren’t great either, he scored 9-2 with Minnesota. In the off-season, the wild got rid of Cam Talbot, the only goalkeeper who could have pushed Florey into a backup role. A full year in Minnesota could push Florey to the 30-win mark. It will also help that he has extra time to get used to the Wild system.

3. Matt Murray

At this point, the only thing that could stop Murray from being one of the top 10 experts in the fantasy world is his health. We’ve seen the Leafs do great things with slightly above-average goalkeepers before (last year Jack Campbell best example). The Leafs are so good at scoring that the goalkeeper can score against an average of 3.33 and still win most of their games. Murray played better last year than his numbers show, and even if he’s limited to 50 games, that should be good enough for 35 wins.

2. Sean Couturier

Sure, injuries played a role in Couturier’s horrific 2021-22 season, but he wasn’t that effective while he was in the squad. In the four seasons from 2017-18 to 2020-21, Couturier had an 82-point pace range from 70 to 78. This is a very strong consistency. Last year, he scored 17 points in 29 games, for an average of 48. It can’t get any worse, and new coach John Tortorella will count on Couturier, who may now be the team’s best offensive and defensive player. Expect plenty of playing time and plenty of opportunities for Couturier this season.

1. Doji Hamilton

Last year started off great for Hamilton, scoring six points in his first eight games and 20 in his first 29 games. He then suffered a broken jaw that forced him out of the squad for about seven weeks. When he returned to play, he was nowhere near the same type of production, with 10 points in his last 33 games. In the season, he finished at a pace of 40 points. Having had an 82-point pace with an average of 63 and 70 points in each of the previous two seasons, this was a huge drop in production. The Devils upgraded their squad this off-season and with Jack Hughes On the fringes of turning into the Elite, that would help Hamilton get back to the 60-point pace.