Three last-minute certification options at Canadiens Camp

With the numbers starting to dwindle, here are some of the last minute choices the Montreal Canadiens have invited to a PTO (Professional Experience) bootcamp.

Canadians will have an influx of young players coming into the fold, the general manager Kent Hughes He indicated that he will be looking for veteran leadership to replace several vets who have been transferred since the start of his tenure. Without the ability to contract players at this intersection without exceeding the salary cap, Canadians can buy themselves some time and assess some of their options head-on by offering some strategic PTOs to some of the veterans below:

Anton Strallmann

Stralman will be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Montreal Canadiens, as he could still play well over 20 minutes per game while providing excellent direction and leadership for the organization’s budding youth. The 36-year-old will most likely be looking to sign a short-term contract and will not be used in offensive situations; This role was left to young players such as Justin Barron or Jordan Harris to further their development.

Stralman’s $5.5 million contract with Arizona Coyotes The veteran defenseman has shown that he is not finished yet. His wealth of experience and knowledge will be indispensable in helping to develop the young crop of defensemen coming to the organization this year.

Keith Yandel

The Montreal Canadiens are looking for a veteran on the backend, and if Anton Stralman isn’t available, Keith Yandle has certainly seen his fair share of hockey throughout his career. Principally used in the role of a third defender pair lately, Yandle will be able to handle a lot of offensive duties and help bring youngsters looking to take their offensive games to the next level in the NHL.

He won’t necessarily be around to take an icy time away from the youngsters on the team, but he can be rotated regularly during camp to see if he can still bring in plenty of offensive ability that has made him so effective. Defensive offensive for many years.

Edit: Since this article was published, Keith Yandle has officially announced his retirement from the NHL after 16 seasons.

in PK Sub

Time is running out and Suban is still without a destination with less than three weeks until the start of the NHL season. Although some might be against including a player like Suban in this crossover, it could be a fun gamble for a team like the Canadians who will be looking for a veteran player capable of playing in multiple situations. If we talk about experience, no player available now has the experience that Suban plays in a pressure cooker in the Montreal market.

release: in PK Sub He also announced his retirement from the NHL.

In the end, it probably won’t happen, but it would be a good call if only to see if he can still stay in the NHL and perform at a level that can be valuable to the club.