Three business goals to meet the great organization need of Canadians

Despite being comfortable with his current roster, Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes has expressed his desire to add a right-handed defensive man.

After the acquisition of Michael Matheson in July, Kent Hughes He stated that he has been looking for a right-handed defensive man on the commercial front, and will also be looking at the waiver wire early in the season to see if the Canadians can snatch a right-footed defensive tackle from one of their rivals before. The start of the season.

“If we can find, and we believe there will be, either by trade or the assignment process, the right shot D that becomes available to us, we will continue to study that,” Kent Hughes said in his wish. To add another right-handed defensive man before the start of the season. “In the meantime, we feel that even if we do get an injury, we have the ability to put one of our guys on the right side.”

While it would be interesting to have your first dibs on the NHL waiver wire through November 1, given last place in the NHL standings last season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hughes trying and going down the curve via trade instead. Here are three realistic goals for Canadians that fit the core of youth moving forward:

Nils Lundqvist

In a recent report from Larry Brooks from New York Postthe previous first round pick of 2018, Nils Lundqvist They are likely to be traded before the start of the season, as Rangers appear to be on the right side of their defense for years to come. The 22-year-old right-back is looking to get his shot in the NHL’s regular minutes, and Montreal Canadiens could be an ideal landing spot for several reasons. It has been reported that Canadians have already coveted a few of Rangers’ top prospects in the recent past, and the apparent regulatory need and express desire to add a player in the Lundkvist position makes this a no-brainer for Montreal.

Bud Wild

The relationship between Wilde and the New York Islands has soured over the past two years, as the 22-year-old, who lives in Montreal, likely needs a fresh start at a new organisation. Wilde plays a very offensive game from the backend, pushes the disc into the ice with ease and has the offensive gadgets that ensure powerplay is also used. The 6’3 195-pound defenseman is currently stuck with the Islanders and doesn’t have a realistic shot at the NHL level, with Noah Dobson and Ryan Bullock occupying the Islanders’ top pair on the right. After spending the first round to get Alexander Romanov, perhaps moving Wilde to retrieve some choices made sense to the islanders; Who have made the top 64 only once since 2019.

Helge Grans

With Sean Durzi and Jordan Spence entering the NHL last season and Brandt Clarke turning pro in the near future, the numbers game may not be on the Helge Grans’ side in Los Angeles, and that could be an option the Canadians could pounce. In a similar path which led to the acquisition of Justin Barron of the Colorado Avalanche, the Canadians could have created a win-win situation, as the Kings looked to begin the next stage of their rebuilding and become legitimate competitors in the Western Conference. Grans had an impressive AHL rookie for the Ontario era when he was 19 years old and could and had all the tools needed to have a nice career in the NHL. With Canadians looking to build development on results this season, it could be an ideal position for a player like Grans to get his feet wet in the NHL and become an offensive contributor on the back of an offensive challenge.