The Ultimate Photo Epic: Proof Reasons for 2022

The energy all the time came in the Natural Selection Proof Flooring Grand Final presented by Pacifico, the athletes who had been dealing with gale-force winds all week were chomping to get as much training as possible before the finals started. Once the athletes started to go down, the riders didn’t go down, the heavy stunt after the heavy stunt landed, and unfortunately in some cases, they didn’t go down causing two athletes to drop out before the finals started. Fans were streaming and everyone on site was excited to watch the world’s best freestylers attack the Proving Grounds built by Black Sage Dirt Works.

Fans were treated to seeing Brett Ryder drop on his first round and stomp every stunt flawlessly recording his 93.25 sprint to beat all day, however, no one could match that and as a result, Ryder stood at the top notch after the event ended. On the women’s front, Camila Nogueira has defended her title since 2021 with a record of 82.75.

A one-hour show produced by Natural Selection and Freeride Entertainment under the signature lens of Natural Selection Tour, the Gab707’s (DRL) Emmy Tour nominee racing drone will be streamed for free on beginning Friday, September 23 at noon PT and broadcast on ESPN2 Sunday, September 25 at 3 p.m. PT.

This is the first cycling event under the newly formed Natural Selection Tour and Proving Grounds partnership. “There are a lot of similarities to what drove us to create the Natural Selection Tour including a need from riders, industry and culture,” says Travis Rice, professional skater and co-founder of the Natural Selection Tour. With Todd Barber at the fore, we decided to partner with Proving Grounds because we see the potential Amazing what this event is and what it could be.” “Today was absolutely amazing, and ultimately we are just here to support this event and the riders and appreciate that working together we all have a better chance of succeeding in achieving the future vision,” adds Rice.

Women’s results
1 – Camila Nogueira (Argentina) 82.75
2. Casey Brown (Canada), 80.50
3- Vinnie Armstrong (New Zealand) 78.75
4. Faya Verbeek (Canada) 75.5
5. Harriet Burbidge Smith (Australia) 61.75
6. Kirsten Van Horn (Canada), 55.75
7. Robin Goomes (NZL), DNS
8. Georgia Accel (CAN), DNS
9. Chelsea Kimball (USA), DNS
10. Gemma Corbera (ESP), DNS

Men’s results
1. Britt Reader (Canada) 93.25
2. Dylan Stark (USA) 92.25
3. Welcome Aguado Alba (ESP) 91.25
4. Emil Johansson (Switzerland) 90.00
5. Carson Storch (USA) 88.50
6. Nikolai Rogatkin (USA), 88.00
7- Conor MacFarlane (New Zealand), 87.25
8. Thomas Guenon (Belgium), 86.25
9- Red Boggs (USA), 85.75
10. Juan Diego “Johnny” Salido (Mexico), 85.25
11. Clemence Caudella (Australia), 83.75
12- Kyle Strait (USA), 82.50
13. Adolf Silva (Spain) 81.00
14- Louis Ripoll (USA) 74.75
15. Ethan Neal (USA), 71.00
16- David Lieb (USA), 69.75
17. DJ Brandt (USA), 68.50
18. Jackson Riddle (USA), 66.50
19. Talus Turk (USA) 49.25
20. Cam Zink (USA), DNS

Best Backcountry Trick: Nikolai Rogatkin – Cash Roll
Pacifico Best Style: Casey Brown
i9 Heart and Soul: Camila Nogueira
i9 Heart and Soul: Dylan Stark