The server exits after the manager asks him to pay the change

A server on TikTok recently went viral after sharing what prompted him to quit his job and get out the same day.

“So, I’m angry. I just got off my job,” user @yezusyikes said in the video as he walked down the street.

The creator says that when the table gave him money, he assumed they didn’t want to change again, although he admitted his mistake.

“I assumed they didn’t want to change,” he says. “I know I shouldn’t have assumed. I should have asked.”

At the time, the server said he was helping five tables when the male customer stopped him to say he didn’t get change. Yezusyikes says he then hurried around the restaurant to find change for customers, as they didn’t have anything on hand.

“I went to the bar, front area, and office to see if anyone had changed and nobody had,” he explains.

After looking for the change, he said the woman sitting at the table then angrily complained to the manager about not receiving her change. When TikToker was finally ready to give the customer the change, he claimed to have seen the manager pay the change to the customers in the form of a gift card.

However, the manager explained that he took money from the registry to give to customers, says @yezusyikes, claiming that the server now owes the restaurant the change out of his own wallet.

“Brother, I just saw you’re giving them a gift card,” TikToker explains in the clip.

The server then notices that the manager claims to have obtained a change from the registry, although @yezusyikes remembers that the manager told them there was no cash in the tray when the server was initially looking for a client change.

He adds that he wasn’t sure why the alleged manager lied or whether he intended simply to get the money, but regardless, he quit his job immediately.

Yezusyikes’ experience emulates many workers in the service industry, which has experienced a mass exodus of its workers in recent years. From 2021 to early 2022, the number of servers leaving jobs jumped from 4.8% to nearly 7%, according to Report From the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The video has been viewed more than 62,000 times as of Sunday. yezusyikes did not mention his previous employer in the clip. While previous videos indicate that he has worked at Buffalo Wild Wings, TikToker notes that he does a number of jobs.

The comment section is overflowing with love and support for yezusyikes.

Hold on to yourself. “Other kids will be fine,” wrote one user.

“When something hits you it can get tough. You’ll get a better job!” he said again.

“Man, luck hard. I’ll get better. Servers don’t do what you deserve. You’ll find something. Don’t stress,” a third agreed.

Others did not understand why yezusyikes made this assumption in the first place.

“We should always give change unless asked, but people should also realize how hard it can be to ask for a 30-cent refund sometimes,” one person said.

“If he gives you money, what’s the problem with your boss giving you back the full amount? Agree again. “Giftcard or not the money doesn’t go to you.”

The Daily Dot reached @yezusyikes via a TikTok comment.

*First Published: September 4, 2022, 3:45 PM CST

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