The Seattle Mariners beat the Cleveland Guardians after 4.5 hours of rain

Cleveland (AFP) – GB Crawford In the eleventh round, Cal Rally added a two-race penalty and the Seattle Mariners beat the relegated Cleveland Guardians 6-3 Sunday to claim their seventh straight win in a rain-delayed game by 4 hours, 33 minutes.

Mariners coach Scott Service was able to smile after the marathon finally ended.

He said, “What a long day. You’ve been sitting here for about four hours. You don’t know what’s going to happen, and how the men will respond. Give the Guardians plenty of credit. They’re obviously fighting for an attached place too.”

With one, Crawford broke the 3-for-24 slip by rebounding Trevor Stefan at one goal (4-4) and into midfield to score for Eugenio Suarez, who started 11th as the auto sprinter. Raleigh, who returned twice on Friday, followed up with a 2-2 steal to the right for the 22 homers.

Matthew Boyd (1-0) I worked out the rules loading jam in the tenth and Chris Flexen He made 11th in his second save of the season as the Mariners completed a three-game sweep.

“Get all nine men out of the parking lot,” Service said. “We needed every single one of them. We finally got some big hits at the end with JP and Homer taking the big lead by Cal.”

The Mariners had the last bit of drama when they left town. The team had to quickly pack their bags and get to the airport before their charter flight had to stop overnight.

Cleveland’s struggling offensive tied for eighth with rookie Oscar Gonzalez’s song. Amid Rosario He flew deep right with the winning round in third to finish ninth.

Cleveland’s losing streak extended to five games in a result that took a long time to occur. The match started at 2:41 PM, was postponed at 3:35 PM, finally resumed at 8:08 PM, and ended at 11:01 PM.

“It’s tough for everyone,” Guardians team manager Terry Francona said. “The umpires were great. Everyone communicated, and that was great. I wanted to play the match, and I didn’t just want to go out and try to get five. It hurt in the end, but we fought back. In the best shape for the day (Monday), but I still think That the way we fought will benefit us well.”

Teams consulted with Major League Baseball throughout the break. With both teams competing for the play-off match and not much good travel logistics in the final month of the regular season, the decision was made to wait for the rain to end.

Seattle’s rising star Julio Rodriguez made his 23rd home run of the season in season three, a solo blast early in the season. Cal Quantrell. Ty France had an RBI song in the beginning. Mitch Hanniger Scored in double play for Crawford in the fourth half to make it 3-1

Mariners rookie of the month George Kirby gave up one inning and three strokes in three rounds.

The Mariners, who are one of three in the A-League, won 14 out of 18. Seattle won all six games with their road trip to Detroit and Cleveland.

“Everyone step in, I love our football club now,” said Servis.

The Guardians’ loss in a tie with Minnesota dropped them for first place at AL Central. Josh Naylor He had double RBI in the first and Austin Hedges He drove on a knockout round on the seventh.

Seattle Adam Fraser He was hitting with the runners in the first and second when he called the judges to a tarp at the top of the fourth. The match started with steady rain, and it became a torrential downpour as Fraser hits. Seattle leads 2-1 in lag time.

The ground crew showed up briefly at about 6:30 p.m. to pull the tarp into the right field and dump the water into the outside field. Work was done on the pitch and hill before putting the tarp back on the pitch. Servais and Francona met briefly near the hill before returning to their hideouts.

An announcement was placed on the scoreboard telling fans that more rain was approaching and that a decision would be made after those showers had passed through the area. The game resumed in front of a small crowd that cheered everything that happened as soon as the players entered the field.

Both teams wanted to play a nine-game match. Had they not resumed and the game was suspended, the Mariners would have needed to return to Cleveland after completing a series in Kansas City on September 26, finishing off playing against the Guardian, and then hosting the Texas next day.

next one

Mariners: Seattle starts a three-game streak at home against the Chicago White Sox. LHP Marco Gonzalez (10-12, 3.99 ERA) beat Detroit on his last start, allowing three runs in six runs.

Guardians: RHP Triston Mackenzie (9-11, 3.18 p.m.) The opening game of a three-game series will be shown in Kansas City on Monday. He lost his last two matches at the age of 2-4 in August.