The NASA X Interstellar RED3.721 watch comes with a capsule containing real meteor dust from Mars

A watch that Elon Musk will definitely try to get…

As our species attempts to colonize Mars in the next few decades, the NASA X Interstellar RED3.721 watch puts a tiny sliver of the Red Planet on your wrist. Designed by Interstellar with a thumbs up from NASA, the RED3.721 honoring humanity’s mission to Mars, RED3.721 is a perfect tribute to our celestial neighbour. The watch face comes with detailed relief graphics of the planet Mars, along with the coordinates of the Jezero crater on which NASA’s Perseverance rover landed. However, the most interesting element is the 3 o’clock position in the form of not a date window, but a window containing an actual piece of a Martian meteorite.

Designer: Sebastian Colin

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We’ve seen our share of space-inspired watches praising planets, NASA missions, and human feats in astronomical discoveries…but none of them quite match up to how beautiful the overwhelming RED3.721 can be. The clock is a celebration of Mars and our attempts to explore it. The watch chronicles the rover’s journey from Earth to Mars. On the bezel, the date “February 18, 2021” is engraved, depicting the day the Perseverance Chariot touched the surface of Mars. The rover landed on the crater of a 28-mile-wide volcano called Jezero, the coordinates of which are also engraved on the frame. Flip the watch on its back and the back comes with rover canopy artwork, along with the encrypted message that says “Dare Mighty Things.” Even the name RED3.721 is a tribute to the red planet while the number “3721” corresponds to the planet’s gravity observed during a NASA mission.

The number “3721” – corresponds to the gravity of the planet observed during the NASA mission.

Red Planet – The disk shows the pattern and characteristics of the planet Mars.

“7 Minutes of Terror” – Entry, descent and landing are the shortest and most intense phases of the March 2020 mission.

Original NASA Logo “Meatball” – This kit was awarded by NASA.

In order to let the watch face shine, the folks at Interstellar opted for a fairly simple watch case made with a choice between 316L stainless steel or titanium, in black to represent the endless blackness of space while also letting the red planet stand out (there are also silver, gold and copper variants) . The dial comes with a 3D relief pattern of a Mars landscape, made using real planet data, along with a glowing binary code around the dial, that reads the mission history as well as capturing “7 Minutes of Terror,” a phrase that describes the seven minutes between perseverance entering Mars’ atmosphere And landing safely inside Jezero crater.

Authentic Mars Meteorite – Dust is extracted from a meteorite that traveled millions of miles to finally crash on Earth.

Obviously, the most impressive detail about RED3.721 is the remains sitting at the 3 o’clock position. Interstellar offers the choice between either having the NASA logo “meatball” engraved on the 3 o’clock window or incorporating a capsule containing real meteor dust. The dust comes from a Martian meteorite discovered in 2021 in northwest Africa, provided by MSG Meteorites. Each watch variant with meteor dust will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The RED3.721 watch offers two distinct movements – the Miyota 8215 automatic (paired with a 316L case) and the Sellita SW200-1 (titanium case). Watch aficionados can pair their watch with either a leather strap or a metal strap (steel or titanium, depending on the case material), and both the Sellita and Miyota variants offer the option to upgrade your watch to a Mars Dust edition with meteor particles encased in the watch. Each watch is rated as water resistant to 10 ATM (100 metres) and comes with a sapphire crystal on top, protecting your watch from scratches and regular wear. The RED3.721 starts at $398 for the NASA-branded Miyota, or $497 to upgrade to the Mars Dust version. The Sellita titanium-coated variant (with Mars dust) starts at $896. The watches begin shipping in November 2022 and come with a two-year warranty.

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