Tesla is bringing service workers back to sales to pay the end of the quarter

After sending untrained sales workers to work on vehicles amid the service crunch, we now know that Tesla is bringing workers back to sales for another batch at the end of the quarter.

Earlier this year, we reported on the renewal of Tesla CEO Elon Musk Efforts to improve the service of the auto industryespecially in North America where many Tesla owners experience long waiting times to operate their vehicles in some markets.

Electric Exclusively mentioned that Tesla was launching a new effort To revolutionize the service with larger centers and more specializations.

In June, we learned that Musk’s renewed interest in Tesla’s service came as the division faced bigger problems than previously thought. The CEO has made service a new top priority for Tesla and eliminated sales and delivery goals to focus on.

So we learned that Tesla pulled untrained sales workers from their positions to work on cars in service centers.

After several months, Electric I learned that Tesla is now beginning to gradually return employees to their sales roles as the automaker tries to deliver as many vehicles as possible at the end of the quarter, according to people familiar with the matter.

Over the past year, Musk has said so Tesla will try to move away from its model that results in large batches for delivery at the end of the quartersBut she had difficulty achieving this.

The last quarter is over Another one “nut”according to the CEO.

While the end of the third quarter should have a more manageable delivery push, sources familiar with the matter said Electric That Tesla’s Model 3 and Model S production will be slightly above the sales backlog – which is why the automaker pulled sales workers out of Tesla’s service.

The sources said Electric That Tesla sees a decent number of customers trying to delay their orders until 2023 in an effort to access the new federal tax credit for electric cars. However, Tesla has decided to stick with the original order contracts with customers and cancel orders if delivery is delayed for a long time.

This results in factory-build hatches opening for some Model 3 and Model S variants at the end of the quarter.

Take Electric

I wouldn’t necessarily take this as a bad sign for a Tesla order. After all, Tesla is literally It stopped taking orders on some of its most popular versions of its vehicles Due to the backlog of work for too long.

It appears that some production allocations do not match orders, and Tesla lacks personnel in sales to rectify the situation because it has sent a decent number of employees to serve in the service.

While Tesla isn’t pushing too much for waves of end-of-quarter delivery, the automaker still doesn’t want to sit on too many vehicles in stock at the end of the quarter because it looks bad on its financials.

It’s been a while since Tesla has had to pull the dial operator, but it doesn’t look like it’s heading in a major direction.

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