Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 Very careful around pedestrians

Tesla rolled out 10.69.2 Full Autonomous Driving (FSD) beta today. Safety is the top priority, Elon Musk said, so beta testers should expect the software to be “extremely cautious, especially around pedestrians.”

Yesterday, Elon said that the team Found a bug causing 8% pedestrian detection delay but fixed. Which color Confirmed that the error It was new because pedestrian detection was working fine with

According to the release notes, Tesla has added a new deep lane routing module to its vector lane neural network that combines features extracted from video streams with coarse map data. Tesla noted that the architecture achieves a 44% lower error rate in the lane topology than the previous model.

Tesla also noted that there is generally improved driving smoothness that does not require sacrificing response time. The program continues in Improve Chuck Cook’s unprotected left turns By allowing the modifiable initial jerks to mimic harsh pedal pressure by a human when walking in front of high-speed objects.

Chuck Cook, whose left-wing role inspired Tesla to name it after him in the release notes, said he had already made two engines and that it was just as polished as required for the release. He added that there are unnecessary layovers with VRUs (Vulnerable Road Objectives) which makes sense given what Elon Musk said on Twitter about the program being careful around pedestrians.

Chuck shared some additional thoughts on the latest version of the software with Teslarati.

“The new features that Tesla added in the Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 release such as new deep lane routing, new crawl limit, multi-lane behavior and mode are all amazing. But they do so with caution by being very careful with pedestrian traffic that is justified but it is You still need a bit more tweaking to feel like a human when driving,” Teslarati.

“The convergence between map data and visibility continues to present many challenges that need improvement in upcoming releases as we move toward single stack AKA v11,” Chuck added.

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 Very careful around pedestrians