Telus sends warning email about new credit card fees, customers aren’t happy

Customers are not very happy with Telus after the company sent a warning email about it New credit card fees coming.

Cherry on top? Whoever wrote the email forgot to replace the placeholder text with “lorem ipsum” in the title, so people are checking out Telus on social media.

One customer who received the email tweeted: “Telus can stop using this non-made email excuse to raise prices without saying you’re raising prices.” “Type at least the subject line on your email form.”

Several screenshots of the email were shared on Twitter.

The subject line reads “Important information about your pre-authorized credit card payment method,” but the placeholder text has not been replaced in the email body.

While the bug made Telus social media fodder, customers are primarily upset about the extra fees they’re about to charge for paying their bills with a credit card.

“As stated on your last bill, beginning October 17, 2022, customers who choose to pay a credit card bill (plus taxes) will be charged a 1.5% credit card processing fee,” said a screenshot from the email.

The email states that this additional cost is “no higher than the fee Telus pays to accept credit card payments”.

On August 8, the telecom giant sent a letter to the Canadian Radio, Television and Communications Commission (CRTC) requesting permission to add a 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments, mentioned Canadian Press.

CRTC replied By saying it will decide within 45 working days of receiving the deposit.

That means its decision could be issued on October 12, three business days before Telus starts charging credit card fees from customers.

Customers continue to express their frustration after receiving the warning about these charges.

“Hi TELUSsupport I got the email telling me Telus will charge me 1.5% for using a credit card to pay my bill. CRTCeng, that’s ridiculous,” one customer tweeted. “You have already paid exorbitant fees for internet and mobile. We need better regulations.”

Telus did not respond to Daily Hive’s request for comment.