Edmonton Oilers at Seattle Kraken

Two down, six to go. Final score: 3-0 Kraken When I saw the squad and who will play for the Oilers in Tonight’s game Against Kraken, my hope for a second straight win wasn’t that high, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot to get me excited about. The good part about having these … Read more

Bank of England says to watch markets ‘closely’ after pound falls | Business and Economics News

The Bank of England said it would not hesitate to change interest rates and was watching markets “closely” after the pound plunged to a record low and British bond prices collapsed in response to the new government’s fiscal plans. Finance Minister Kwasi Quarting sent sterling and government bonds into free fall on Friday with the … Read more

NASA spacecraft hits asteroid in planetary defense test | space news

In the world’s first attempt to alter the motion of an asteroid, scientists hope this method can prevent a collision with Earth. A NASA spacecraft is set to collide with an asteroid, in an unprecedented test designed to prevent potentially devastating collisions with Earth. NASA’s Dual Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft will hit the asteroid … Read more

Why Elon Musk’s Starlink Won’t Affect Protests in Iran | Internet news

Tehran, Iran – “Starlink activation”. That’s how billionaire Elon Musk made headlines last week as he often does, in a few short words on Twitter. This time, he was referring to the ongoing protests in Iran. He was vowing to allow Iranians affected by state Internet restrictions to use the satellite Internet operated by SpaceX. … Read more

Edmonton Oilers vs Winnipeg Jets

I love everything that happened here. Final score: 4-0 Oilers There’s nothing like prep season one of the year to get the juices flowing again, right? Yes, we got to watch the Young Stars tournament last weekend and that was a bit of fun, but it’s totally different from having a few NHL regulars making … Read more

Begins… (4pm, running) – OILERSNATION

Did anyone else wake up excited to watch some hockey today? just me? I do not believe you. As much as I know I’ll be totally bored watching the pre-season games before this weekend, I have to admit how excited I am that the Edmonton Oilers (Kinda) are going to face the Winnipeg Jets (kind … Read more

Stuart Skinner, Jack Campbell, Bob Nicholson to testify and more

Clearly stopping pucks ranks higher in the job description than best friends when it comes to tandem that will share the Edmonton Oilers blue paint this season. However, Jack Campbell and Stuart Skinner don’t hurt before he starts training camp. Campbell, 30, came from the Toronto Maple Leafs after finishing ink on a Five-year deal … Read more

Elon Musk lights up in green to activate Starlink network for Iranians | Protest news

Legal guidance has been changed by the US government on expanding internet services to Iranians despite US sanctions on the country. The US government has given SpaceX CEO Elon Musk the green light to activate its Starlink satellite internet service to help Iranians protesting the death of a woman in police custody. Access to social … Read more

Infographic: Roger Federer’s career in the charts | infographic news

Roger Federer, one of the world’s most decorated tennis players, will play the last match of his professional career at the Laver Cup in London on Friday. The 41-year-old Swiss, known for his agile one-handed backhand, began playing tennis at the age of eight, and rose to become one of the greatest tennis players in … Read more

“Planetary Defense”: NASA targets an asteroid in a space collision | space news

After NASA intentionally crashes a car-sized spacecraft into an asteroid next week, it will be up to the European Space Agency’s HERA mission to investigate the “crime scene” and uncover the secrets of these potentially devastating space rocks. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) aims to collide with asteroid Demorphos on Monday night, hoping to … Read more