September 26: National Hockey League news report

The 18-year-old left winger had one shot on target at 16:59 of ice time. “It was great and I’m sure it will only be better and better, like when the season starts (October 12), but it was fantastic,” said Slavkowski. “It was definitely faster, but those are little things. I’ll get used to it.” “I’ve … Read more

Yandel retires from the NHL and holds a record in consecutive games 989

Keith YandelHe, who broke the National Hockey League’s record for consecutive games last season, announced his retirement Tuesday after 16 seasons. “The past year has been one of those things I’ve been thinking about,” Yandle said on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast. “When that’s all you know in your life, to call it stop, to call … Read more

Panthers season preview: Tkachuk adds grit to talented team

The 2022-23 NHL season begins October 7. With training camps opening soon, takes a look at the three keys, the inside scoop on roster questions, and the predicted lineup for each of the 32 teams. Today, the Florida Panthers. Fitness Trainer: Paul Morris (season 1) Last season: 58-18-6, 1st place in the Atlantic Division; … Read more

Markstrom talks about Huberdeau trade, improving flame in Q&A with

Paris – Jacob MarkstromHer emotions rebounded like a puck on bad ice for nearly two months after the Calgary Flames lost to the Edmonton Oilers at the Battle of Alberta and were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Goalkeeper Flames had to cross the initial minimum by allowing 24 goals against the Oilers in five … Read more