Canada’s west coast can export LNG globally, but the east coast faces pipeline constraints, TC Energy CEO says

CEO of TC Energy Corp. François Poirier.note Canada’s west coast is in a position to become a reliable supplier of liquefied natural gas, but the east coast faces pipeline constraints, says TC Energy Corp. TRP-T chief executive officer. With Europe facing an energy crisis after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Francois Pourier said he … Read more

Ontario Power Generation enters agreement to sell clean energy credits to Microsoft

Darlington Nuclear Power Plant in Ontario to generate power.Carlos Osorio/The Globe and Mail Microsoft will buy clean energy credits from Ontario Power Generation’s hydroelectric dams and nuclear reactors, the two companies will announce Monday. Although details of the number of credits Microsoft You will buy, or how much you will pay, undisclosed, the 10-year agreement … Read more

Europe faces an exodus of energy-intensive industries

Rising energy costs in Europe are closing businesses and threatening a bloc-wide recession. However, not everyone accepts this fate. Some companies are moving to cheaper locations: the United States Steel giant ArcelorMittal He said Earlier this month, it would cut by half production at a steel plant in Germany and a unit at another plant, … Read more

Energy profits slump, but oilfield services remain strong

The energy sector has enjoyed bumper profits this year, with oil majors setting records on the right, left and center. ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM), chevron (NYSE: CVX) and coincidence (NYSE: SHEL) together raised $46 billion in profits in the second quarter, with all three setting new quarterly earnings records. In general, the high commodity prices are … Read more

Saudi Aramco shares some hard facts about our energy future

Policymakers have to look beyond this winter and stop discrediting the oil and gas industry if they are to prevent the next energy crisis, according to the chief executive of the world’s largest oil company and largest exporter of crude oil, Saudi Aramco. Amin Nasser criticized the short-term emergency responses to the energy crisis in … Read more

The worst of the economic downturn is ahead of us and these sectors are at risk. In addition, TSX stock picks from top analysts

Seth Carpenter, Morgan Stanley’s chief global economist, warned that “the worst of the global economic slowdown is ahead” in a recent edition of the company’s Market Thoughts podcast titled Keep track of the next slowdown. Mr. Carpenter believes there is a “storm brewing” of recession risks around the world. Thanks to Russia, the risks of … Read more

German utility giants eye massive LNG deal with Qatar

About a decade ago, Europe had a good idea: to pass a pipeline from natural gas-producing giant Qatar through Syria and Turkey to Europe, reducing or eliminating Europe’s dependence on Russian gas altogether. Then we have the entire Islamic State break that caught the world’s attention for several years, and which gradually faded as CIA … Read more

France prepares to nationalize its faltering nuclear industry

France is fully nationalizing its state-owned nuclear power company, currently 84%, Éelectricité de France (EDF) at the same time that the company expects a massive decline in profits. EDF has already warned investors that its core earnings will take a big hit this year, but it has sharply increased those expected losses to a massive … Read more

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers, is back in defense after Tre Lance’s injury

Re-signing makes sense now, doesn’t it?picture: Getty Images Jimmy Garoppolo runs the offense again in San Francisco after Tre Lance struggled with quarterback in the second year shocking An ankle injury on Sunday, similar to that of Dak Prescott in 2020, during the Niners’ 27-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks. He was thrown off the … Read more

Are energy stocks still fairly cheap?

Energy stocks have outperformed the stock market — by a mile — this year. Record profits for oil and gas companies amid rising commodity prices have made the energy sector attractive to investors. However, record gains in energy and commodities stocks mask a weaker market for the S&P 500, where earnings growth has slowed markedly … Read more