Oil prices under pressure but bullish catalysts loom

West Texas Intermediate crude futures for December rose late on Thursday, but are struggling to rally this week. Price action has been choppy throughout the week especially today when traders were asked to deal with a sharp Fed rate hike from the previous day, vicious trading in the US dollar due to BoJ intervention, and … Read more

A newly discovered species of octopus in China weighs only 40 grams in adults

Mollusks (cephalopods), which include octopus, cuttlefish, cuttlefish, and nautilus, are cephalopods. These are ancient animals found in all seas of the world that are believed to have evolved 500 million years ago. They include many of the most intelligent species on the planet. A group of scientists has discovered an unknown species of octopus on … Read more

Coal organizes a major comeback

Despite big promises to quickly move away from coal, “dirtiest fossil fuel”, Many countries around the world continue to rely heavily on coal production and imports for their energy needs. That’s not surprising from the likes of China and Australia, who make no secret of their dependence on coal, but are even more concerned when … Read more

The best way to power the return of super uranium

After being in a bear market for a decade, uranium made an impressive comeback as Russia’s war on Ukraine exacerbated the global energy crisis and prompted Europe to seek to replace Russian oil and gas. uranium prices It has more than doubled in the past two years from $30 a pound in January 2021 to … Read more

China Zero-Covid: Chinese researchers walk on sensitive ground

Hong Kong CNN Business – Shanghai authorities denied a A report by a leading Chinese real estate research company claimed that more than a third of the shops in a large mall were Closed due to strict Covid restrictions. the report By China Real Estate Information Corp. (CRIC), which was published late last month, quickly … Read more

New Moon metal: Moon mission: Chinese scientists claim to have discovered New Moon metal. Everything you want to know

Chinese scientists have discovered a new lunar crystal-shaped substance in samples taken from the moon in 2020, according to claims by the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). During the Chinese Change-5 mission in 2020, samples of lunar material were obtained and tested to find the named metal change of location (p.). A team of researchers … Read more

Xi meets Putin in Uzbekistan on first foreign trip since the beginning of the epidemic

Addressing the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Wednesday that he will soon meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in the first important bilateral summit since Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Putin told the forum in Russia’s Far East “I hope to see Xi Jinping in … Read more

All eyes on OPEC+ as oil prices dip below $90

OPEC+ may have to make much deeper cuts to its collective oil production targets this winter as a recession looms in Europe as it struggles with a severe energy crisis and China shows signs of waning oil demand. The token cut of 100,000 barrels per day announced this week has little to do with the … Read more