Red Wings potential tournament notes: Notable ideas and situations from Traverse City

Travel City, Michigan – Just like this, it’s hockey season. five days from NHL The potential for heroism in the books, with red wings He won two of his three matches in the final event before training camp kicks off on Thursday.

Here’s who and what stood out over the long weekend.

1. Sebastian Kosa put in an excellent show.

The Red Wings rotated goalkeepers equally throughout the event, awarding half-games each to Cossa, Jan Bednar and free-caller Andrew Oke. But even with a somewhat limited workload, Detroit’s pick number 15 of 2021 separated himself from the group as the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

That might sound obvious, given his pedigree, but looking at the rocky performance at the same event last season, it was noticeable to see Koussa looking pretty in control in his two halves. He started the opening match and made some tough saves, then started to feel comfortable in Monday’s final against Toronto He stopped all 16 shots he encountered.

With no current decision on where Kosa will play this season – a question that appears to be settled in the main camp and pre-season – the sporting great goalkeeper made a powerful opening statement as he looks forward to turning professional.

2. Two of Detroit’s most notable forwards were Elmer Soderblom and Kroos Hanas.

Söderblom was an expected burden to deal with low disc protection, I saw his very good hands and reach, but it was his pass that impressed me the most. I don’t think I’ve ever seen playmaking as a major part of his game, but he’s provided three assists in three tournament games and his overall feel is noteworthy.

As you’d expect for a 6-foot-8 striker, Detroit put him in front of the net in a power game, which he’s likely to be in most often to go forward. He played winger in Sweden, because the big guy has a shotgun cannon. He’s shown that a few times in the tournament, and I think part of his game, in addition to his size, will help him as he transitions to North America.

With the exception of a major pre-show, though, my current guess is that he will likely start the season in Grand Rapids, so he can continue to adjust to the diminishing time that will come with the North American game, as well as how his opponents will be physically. want to be with him. Surely the skill and scale of Söderblom’s size could make the smaller ice sheet work for him, perhaps very soon. But I think he got some spice with the Griffins – although I thought he was one of Detroit’s best players this weekend.

3. Hanas, for his part, can be said to have entered the tournament seeking to prove that he belongs to the AHL rather than the rookies. I think this was a job well done.

He showed both physical fitness and skill, played hard, and showed attacking over the course of three matches, finishing with two goals and making two assists. Detroit played Hanas and Söderblom together, and the two seem to click so well — that I wonder if we’d see them as line buddies if they were both already in Grand Rapids.

As I mentioned earlier, I usually think of Soderblum for his goalscoring more than his assists, and funny enough, Hanas told me over the weekend that he thinks of himself more as a playmaker. “I love doing plays, preparing players, and that’s what I find joy,” he said. “I’ve been like this my whole life.”

Those roles were reversed over the weekend—Söderblom raised Hanas for a pair of breakups over the long weekend, and Hanas finished both—and for Detroit, perhaps that’s encouraging. Both also killed penalties and created short-term opportunities while doing so. A strong showing for both.

4. The other two potential players I thought would do well were the picks of Amadeus Lombardi in the 2022 fourth round and seventh-placed Kirill Tyutayev in 2019. Both are small in size but play at a good pace and take pucks into the net. Lombardi has great wheels and hands and will be fun to watch in junior hockey this season, while we hope Tyutyayev – an intelligent, competitive player who moves well on his own – gets a full season at Grand Rapids after nearly missing last season.

5. On the Blue Line, the big story coming into camp was 2021 No. 6, who picked Simon Edvinson, who is believed to have the best shot among the Red Wings’ prospects to make it into tonight’s opening lineup. It didn’t quite dominate as you’d hope, and while it still played well overall, it looked a bit too casual for the stretch.

However, Edvinsson’s poise is also strength – he spins off the press smoothly and steadily and rarely seems to rush with the dial. I think Detroit would want to see more urgency if he were to start the year in the NHL, but the Red Wings clearly have tremendous potential on their hands. Edvinsson has all the tools you could realistically want in a defensive man, and it will be very exciting to see him in pre-season.

6. No matter where Edvinsson plays, the Griffins will have a really interesting young defensive corps. Brian Lachoff and Stephen Cavour They’ll be veterans, but in addition to these, Donovan Cibrango (3rd place 2020), Jared McKissack (2nd place 2018) and Seth Barton (3rd place 2018) should all return from last year, as well as newcomers Emile Ferro ( 2020 third-rounder) and Albert Johansson (2019 second-rounder). That’s before the possibility of Edvinsson, and 24-year-old Wyatt Newpower being in the mix as well.

The competition for ice time – and roles – will be fierce there.

In this tournament, though, I thought the younger group looked pretty good for the majority of the tournament. Johansson and Ferro will adapt to the North American game, sure, and they are both a little small in size, but they have also been playing professional hockey for many years now which helps with their mods. Sebrango and Barton wore letters over the weekend, and Sebrango’s congestion and body pop stood out to me on Monday.

It’s going to be a fun group to follow this season, no matter what the exact group is.

7. There have been many invitees to the free agent looking to cash in on the potential championship lead in an NHL contract this weekend, and during striker Riley Piercey. Stole the show at the opening With four goals, the invitee I left most liked as a prospect was defender Jeremy Biakaputuka. The 20-year-old right-handed defender has real tools with good mobility and a good shot at 6ft. Three games.

(Hanas Photo: Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)