Noah Goodwin rolled in five footers on the last hole to win the GolfBC Championship – Sports

Five feet!

That’s all that stood between Noah Goodwin and his second win of 2022 on the PGA Tour in Canada.

“It wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. It wasn’t a dead center all the way,” Goodwin said of the knockout with a one-shot win in the GolfBC Championship at Gallagher’s Canyon Golf and Country Club late Sunday afternoon.

“I took a step to the side after I made it because I didn’t know if it was going to go in the lip or not. . . . “

Goodwin came in with a one-on-pace shot that entered the final round on Sunday — shooting a seven-under 64 to finish 72 holes in a 23-under 261.

It was one stroke better than his co-play partner Scott Stevens, who faced Goodwin head-to-head on the last nine holes.

Goodwin called those last five holes, when he and Stevens, paired in the second set to the last set of the day.

They stalemate they hit 18. With the prospect of a first-ever playoff at GolfBC Champion, Stevens’ approach descended from the middle of the fairway off the pin and propped up to about 25 feet.

From about 113 yards off the left side of the fairway, Goodwin took a little sand wedge and tightened the pin.

Stevens Putt caught a lot of hole but refused to fall, leaving Goodwin with a chance to close it with him.

“Honestly, I thought he made it to five feet, and that’s what I was preparing for.”

“I couldn’t go into that pentagonal appendix thinking I didn’t need to do it at all, or thinking I had a pillow. I told (my caddy) when I got to the aisle I needed another one.”

Goodwin and Stevens started the first day behind third-round leader James Herfull.

Hervol, Goodwin and Cameron Sisk took a turn at a stalemate at -19, but after flying on a 12 to reach -20, Hervol fell off speed with five classes and a bogey coming.

Sisk, after a bogey at 10 hit the club at -21 with sparrows in three of his last five, but for all intents and purposes, Stevens and Goodwin were down the streak.

Stevens pulled up at the age of under 20 with Altair ranked twelfth. He took a shot with Byrdie at 13, before Goodwin hitched a ride with Byrdie at 14.

The game has begun!

Both sparrow 15 and led the next two, paving the way for the dramatic finale at 18.

“I’ve been watching (the scoreboard), I’m always watching it. I love it,” Goodwin said.

“It makes it so much more fun, you know where you are and it gives you that extra adrenaline. You get that little extra stress and it just increases.”

This week’s championship ended GolfBC as the main sponsor, at least for now, as her two-year contract extension with the PGA Tour Canada has expired.

However, tournament director Hugh Vasos says that doesn’t mean the end of professional golf in Kelowna.

“It’s not unusual, title sponsors come and go. We’ve been very fortunate to have Golf BC for six years,” Vasos said.

“We’re going to get into discussions for next year. We’re talking to everyone and looking at all of our options, but one thing we know for sure is that we want to stay in Kelowna, we want to entertain GolfBC and see if there’s an interest from the station in Kelowna.”

Vasos also says they would love to have the championship stay in Gallagher’s Canyon.

This year’s tournament also raised $75,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation.

Over the six years the tournament was held in Kelowna, it raised $750,000 for various charities.