NFL Power Rankings – Week 3: Best new face for all 32 . teams

theScore’s NFL Power Rankings take a weekly spin around the league to assess where each team is.

This week, we’re determining the best new face in every NFL franchise game in two games of the season.

1 – Buffalo Bills (2-0)

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Previous ranking: 1

adding by Miller An already solid defense is the latest in a long line of great moves that have made Bills the juggernaut as they are. Everything we’ve seen in two weeks, including the Titans’ 41-7 defeat, confirms their status as Super Bowl favorites.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)

Previous rank: 3

jojo smith schuster Fits well as the leader of a spacious reception room with a new look. The addition of former Packers player Marquez Valdes-Scantling and former Steelers playmaker was key to the Chiefs’ offense that didn’t come down without Tyreek Hill.

3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0)

Previous rank: 4

Russell Gig It might prove to be a very wise capture given the injuries sustained by the Reception Corps. With Mike Evans suspended for one game, Chris Goodwin and Julio Jones, Gage has a chance to go big.

4. Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)

Previous rank: 2

Khalil MacHis arrival on an unofficial deal helped take the Chargers’ defense to another level. He picked up four sacks in his first two games in powder blue, working against Joey Bossa to form the NFL’s first pass-through duo.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)

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Previous rank: 7

The Eagles’ attack looks lethal during the first two games of the season. Jalen Hurts has played like a total star, and that may be in large part because AJ Brown injection into the unit. Not only did he have 224 yards, but his presence required a bit more attention, which opened the door to others.

6 – Miami Dolphins (2-0)

Previous ranking: 12

dolphin trade Trek Hill It worked well as you might expect. It was to be expected that you would have to account for two of Hill and Jaylen Waddle’s two identical explosives more than the opposing defenses could handle.

7. Los Angeles Rams (1-1)

Previous rank: 6

It took up to week 2 to get involved, but Allen Robinson I finally got it against the Hawks with a 53-yard receipt and touchdown. His chemistry with Matthew Stafford should only improve as the year progressed.

8. Green Bay Packers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 8

When dealing with an inexperienced receiver group, Aaron Rodgers was at least able to count on one veteran face in Sammy Watkins During the first two weeks. Not only does Watkins lead the club with 111 yards, but he is also the only Packer to score triple figures in this category.

9. Baltimore Ravens (1-1)

Previous ranking: 5

The Ravens pushed again for a major promotion in high school, and it’s already proven to be another great move. Marcus Williams He has three best interceptions in the league during his first two games in Baltimore.

10. San Francisco 49 (1-1)

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Previous ranking: 15

The 49ers defense has held its end of the deal so far in 2022. Much of the credit goes to Cornerback Carvarius Wardwho already got one interception and defended two passes.

11. Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

Previous ranking: 10

Kevin O’Connell Plan a perfect match for Vikings and star receiver Justin Jefferson in the first week. Although Minnesota couldn’t maintain that momentum Monday night against the Eagles, it was clearly going to be an all-out air assault under O’Connell’s command. It might have been easier to swallow Monday’s ugly loss if Kirk Cousins ​​had taken better care of football than throwing three interceptions.

12- New Orleans Saints (1-1)

Previous rank: 16

Rocky wide Chris Olaf He quickly built trust with quarterback James Winston to start the season. He’s scored 13 goals on the team in Week 2, and is 15.1 yards per reception this year ahead of his teammates.

13. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Previous ranking: 18

Micah Parsons bears the burden on the defense, but Dallas has also received some helpful contributions from others. Off-season signature Dante Fowler He came to play in the second week with his first sack and forced his new team to fumble.

14- Denver Broncos (1-1).

Previous rank: 14

Russell Wilson He’s our pick for Denver’s best new face, but that’s simply because our belief in him is the only thing stopping the Broncos from falling off this list. This team has failed to live up to expectations so far. The win over the Texans does little to ease concerns about Nathaniel Hackett helping this group reach their potential.

15 – Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)

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Previous ranking: 9

Veteran narrow end Hayden Hurst She already has a significant workload on the Cincinnati crime scene. He only tracks Ja’Marr Chase in goals on the team and is tied with Tee Higgins for second place in receptions with 10. The Bengals will have to find more ways to get the ball to their top receivers if they want to bounce back. From such a surprisingly bad start.

16. Arizona Cardinals (1-1)

Previous rank: 20

Marquis Brown And Kyler Murray didn’t quite recreate their college success, but it’s clear that fourth year broadly benefited from playing in the Cardinals’ aerial attack. With DeAndre Hopkins still out due to a suspension, Brown took the first round by Horns with 111 yards through two games.

17. Detroit Lions (1-1)

Previous ranking: 25

Aidan Hutchinson He was a perfect fit for the Lions since his second pick overall. After a quiet start, Hutchinson took to the scene with a three-bag monster performance against the Leaders in Week Two.

18. New York Giants (2-0)

Previous rank: 21

The Giants looked like a rejuvenated team under a new coach Brian Double. Former Bills offensive coordinator Daniel Jones completed over 70% of his passes, while Saquon Barkley finally became a star after averaging 6.1 yards per carry.

19. Las Vegas Raiders (0-2)

Previous rank: 11

Davant Adams It was announced. What’s left of the equation in Vegas? Not very well. Unless the offensive line can do a better job up front, the raiders’ attack will be liable to disappear at times, just as it did in the Cardinals’ win on Sunday.

20- New England Patriots (1-1).

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Previous rank: 28

Rookie from the first round Cool String He appears to be a solid addition to the offensive line, but there aren’t many newcomers to choose from. The return of so many mediocre players in the past year may be part of the problem in New England.

21 – Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 17

Adding Steelers Brian Flores For their defensive staff, it always felt like a cool, cool move. The strong play they got from their early midfielders was probably no coincidence.

22- New York Jets (1-1).

Previous rank: 32

Picking a Jets newcomer is easy. Rookie of the first round Garrett Wilson He followed up a strong week with 102 yards and two touchdowns in Week 2. He scored the game winner on Sunday to complete an epic last-minute win over Browns.

23- Cleveland Browns (1-1).

Previous ranking: 19

Amary Cooper, which the Browns oddly got from the Cowboys for almost nothing, has more catches (12) than all other Cleveland Wideouts combined (eight). This team would be 2-0 without a historic collapse in front of the planes.

24. Washington Leaders (1-1)

Previous rank: 23

The Carson Wentz The experience has always been a rollercoaster ride, but there’s been more excitement than stomach-turning moments so far. Wentz threw for 650 yards with seven touchdowns to three interceptions over two games. Rising receiver Jahan Dotson, who has made three touchdowns, should also be mentioned.

25- Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)

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Previous rank: 27

Doug Pederson It is our pick for the best newcomer in Jacksonville. It’s his crime that finally put Trevor Lawrence into the star path we’ve come to expect. However, there’s no shortage of extras that help start Jaguars in the right direction, including veteran Christian Kirk and #1 overall pick Travon Walker.

26. Tennessee Titans (0-2)

Previous rank: 22

First round receiver Trillon borax He began working in Tennessee, immediately establishing himself as the best player in the club. Nothing else went right for the Titans, and their 41-7 loss to The Bills highlighted many of their shortcomings.

27- Indianapolis Colts (0-1-1)

Previous rank: 13

The Colts struggled early in the season, with a 24-0 loss to Jaguar being the latest major disappointment. Stefon Gilmore He’s getting the nod here because he’s still an influential high school player. Not picking Matt Ryan for the best new face tells you everything you need to know about Indy’s crime.

28 – Seattle Seahawks (1-1).

Previous ranking: 24

The Seahawks looked stable in Week 2 after their emotional season opener win over the Broncos. but, Oceana Nosu He’s an exciting player to watch. The 25-year-old was a playmaker over two games, scoring a sack, a forced tumble and five quarterbacks.

29. Atlanta Falcons (0-2)

Previous ranking: 31

Critics may have some questions after the Hawks rise Drake London First receiver taken in this year’s draft. But London responded unusually to any concerns, pulling 13 balls for 160 yards and landing. Through two games, it looks like Atlanta has found the WR1 it wanted.

30- Houston Texans (0-1-1)

Carmen Mandato / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Previous ranking: 30

Jerry Hughes He was a good veteran addition to the sneaky Texans, leading the defense with two bags while adding an interception. Look for starters Dameon Pierce and Derek Stingley Jr. to appear as the season progresses.

31- Chicago Bears (1-1)

Previous rank: 29

Attacking the Bears remains a major work in progress, although their defense investment is headed in the right direction. Beginner’s safety Jaguan Presker He started each of the first two games and appears to be a serviceable complement for Eddie Jackson.

32. Carolina Panthers (0-2)

Previous ranking: 26

acquisition Baker Mayfield It didn’t translate into victories because it didn’t get into a rhythm. Its 53.6 completion rate and 79.5 pass rating leave much to be desired. With the Panthers enduring a long, rotating midfield role in recent years without success, this is perhaps more of an indictment for coach Matt Rowley.