MLB Power Rankings: Sailors climb to a watershed

With Labor Day just around the corner, summer has unofficially given way to fall. But that doesn’t mean the heat is dropping – which is true for the final few weeks of post-season racing and anyone who has ventured outside this weekend.

For this week’s strength rankings, we’ll take a peek at five teams at different stages of the competitive spectrum. Two of our notable clubs are already looking forward to next year, two are in the midst of competition, and one is still alive but going in the water. Since he’s not getting any cold anytime soon, let’s jump right into it.

There’s no way to color it: the pirates were pretty terrible. With their loss on Sunday to the Blue Jays, Pittsburgh has moved to a shocking 10-30 since the All-Star break, the worst record across that stretch in the majors. The team was swept into five of its 13 series during the second half, and opponents outnumbered the Buccaneers by 75 points during that time. The attack was particularly tricky, with the squad averaging just 3.2 kicks per game, the second worst mark in the majors.