“Liv players can wear shorts”

LIV continues to stir controversy in the golf world. After pulling several players from the PGA in recent weeks, including world number two Cameron Smith, the league announced a move that fell out of line with sports standards.

LIV CEO Greg Norman announced via social media LIV that players in his competition will be able to wear shorts, something we rarely see in sports. In the various official competitions that took place during the history of the sport, it was always necessary to play with long pants, which are organized in golf.

Except in exceptional cases.

Greg Norman, statements

For years, the PGA has had this discussion about whether shorts can be included in the dress code, because in some tournaments that are played in certain regions, wearing long shorts can be a problem for golfers.

Only in certain tournaments where there are extremely high temperatures did the PGA allow this type of clothing to be used. In fact, until recently, golfers were allowed to show their ankles. The circuit is absolutely crucial to the dress code.

From now on, LIV players will not feel such annoyance thanks to this rule. This action is being taken during the Invitational Golf contract in Boston, where the new LIV deals are already in place. Cameron Smith and Joaquin Niemann.

LIV continues to work to gain fame and new competitors while maintaining the war with the PGA with various complaints and discussions changing the golf world, causing tension among golfers. Gregory John Norman, also known as Greg (Mount Isa, February 10, 1955), is an Australian golfer and businessman nicknamed the Great White Shark or simply Shark. [1].

He has proven to be one of the golfers most loved by the public, both for his own aggressive playing style and for his charismatic attitudes and the same look inspired by his hidden lack of commitment. [2] He is considered one of the most successful golfers of the eighties and nineties, although he did not achieve all the goals that seemed within his reach.

Passionate about golf since he was a teenager, he began to achieve significant results in the international field already in the second half of the seventies. World Player of the Year from 1986 to 1997, he won the World Matchplay Championship three times (1980, 1983, 1986), the Australian Masters (1980, 1983, 1984) and twice the British Masters Championships (1981 and 1982).

In 1993 he won the British Open by scoring 267 strokes over four days of competition. In 1994 he won the US Pro Championship in which he also set a record of 264 shots, a limit that remains undefeated. Three times he was the season’s best in terms of PGA Tour awards.

However, Norman has not been able to combine his technical and physical skills with enough continuity to work and focus in the major tournaments, so much so that he knows several second places during his career in which he won 91 titles (until October 2001), including only two major championships: the 1986 championship The 1993 Open.

[3] He has long held the number one position in the world rankings of the best golfers. Despite some slack due to physical and mental stress in his long career, Norman has practically always been among the top five golfers in the world. In 2001 he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.