Lego’s late 55-yard goalie lifts the Blue Bombers over the Roughriders in a classic Labor Day

Winnipeg’s kicker Mark Leggio showed why his teammates believed in him when he netted a 55-yard field goal late in Sunday’s game to give the Blue Bombers a 20-18 victory over the Saskatchewan Rogriders in the Labor Day classic at Mosaic Stadium in Regina.

Legio, who also handles kick-offs, was relieved of the penalty role midway through last season and replaced by veteran Sergio Castillo. Leggio has returned for both roles this season but has struggled at times. In a 20–17 loss to the Montreal Alouettes on August 11, he missed a 32-yard field goal in the final regulation play and a 37-yard field goal in overtime.

Sunday’s 55-yard player, the longest in Legeo’s career, came three minutes before the game’s end and gave the Bombers their first lead in a tense CFL game.

“We believe in the legs. We believe in him more than he believes in himself, he offends himself. But as teammates, as his friends, we tell him to keep trying because we’re on your side,” said Bombers defense official Willie Jefferson.

“Don’t look into the past, look into the future, look ahead and everything will be fine. He did his chore, subtracted and laid out.”

Winnipeg won the coin toss at the start of the game and was elected to the wind in the second and fourth quarters. The Bombers went on to score all their points with the wind, 17 in the second quarter and a field-winning Legio goal in the fourth.

“He hit a group going in that direction in the warm-up. He was accurate and hit them really well, so you know he’s really good about it, from that spot anyway,” said Bombers coach Mike O’Shea. “We got it when we needed it, it was a nice kick. I’m so happy for it.”

After Liegghio’s field goal, the cavalry penetrated deep into the Winnipeg area and seemed to be on the verge of reclaiming the lead. Starting with their 40-yard streak, the Riders moved 44 yards in three plays and a Winnipeg offside penalty.

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Late interception rules bombers win over cavalry

Nick Hallett’s QB grabbed Cody Fajardo of the Roughriders late in the fourth quarter to seal Winnipeg’s 20-18 win.

On the 26-yard Winnipeg streak with 1:55 to play, quarterback Cody Fajardo threw a pass midfield to back Frankie Hickson. The ball passed into Hickson’s hands and Nick Hallet of Winnipeg was in the right place at the right time to intercept the 14-yard line.

Some believe Jefferson flipped the pass but said his contribution to the play was to force Fajardo’s hand.

“I think we made Cody throw the ball a little earlier than he wanted. We had a chance to get our hands on it and we got it down. Nick got it down and I wish he’d done it all right, our insult gave us the opportunity to go in there and sell it, to do,” said Jefferson. What we have to do.”

Never give up position

The victory snatched a place in the Canadian Football League playoff for the 11-1 strikers who would rather win their Gray Cup for the third time in a row.

Winnipeg midfielder Zach Kaulos credits his incredible success with a stance that never gives up.

“I think it just talks about the love we have for each other. We hold on to each other and we believe in each other. It’s something that is built into the culture here. So no matter the outcome, we think we have a chance to win the football game,” said Collaros, who finished 15 Of 24 passes for 214 yards and two touchdowns.

“All three stages tonight did a great job of gripping and coming out of here in a hostile environment and winning.”

The Knights have struggled 6-6 from penalties this season and Sunday’s game was no exception as they took 12 penalties for 99 yards.

The most costly penalty occurred during a campaign early in the fourth quarter with the match tied 17-17. Starting with their nine-yard streak, the riders moved into the Winnipeg area. Kieran Moore got a seven-yard pass at the Winnipeg 44-yard line and was forced out of the border on a Saskatchewan bench.

The Riders received a penalty for objectionable conduct on the play after Duke Williams, who was left out of the squad with an ankle injury, was penalized for yelling at the Winnipeg player.

Once later, after a penalty kick, the riders had to bet.

‘It was a stupid kick’

Raiders coach Craig Dickinson didn’t hold back when asked about the penalty for Williams.

“I can tell you this a lot,” Dickinson said, “Going forward there will be no players on the bench not playing or fully involved in training because that was very frustrating. It hurt us and it hurt us really badly.”

“It was a stupid penalty and Duke feels bad about it and he should. I hope he’s expressed that to his teammates.

“He’s an emotional guy and his emotions overpowered him. I think they called him too tight. I don’t know what he said to the guy but it wasn’t a compliment. I’m going to talk to (GM Riders) Jeremy O’Day and see what we can do. It hurt our team. He feels bad. about it and he ought to.”

Nick Demsky and Dalton Schoen had greeted the landing bombers while Leggio added two field goals.

Fajardo scored a one-yard offside for Saskatchewan. Brett Luther scored three field goals while gambler Kar Widvik had two solo goals.