Jack Campbell, Leon Drystel, Zach Heyman

Jack Campbell, who will be the Edmonton Oilers man in the wrinkle alongside Stuart Skinner after Signing a five-year deal worth $25 million July 13, he hasn’t stopped his new team’s puck game yet, but says he loves it here. Talk about giving your best.

In that respect, he’s like Zach Hyman, who got off on the right foot after coming off the Toronto Maple Leafs last summer and never broke his stride, enjoying the best season of his 421-game NHL career. if Campbell, Whoever spoke with reporters after skiing at Rogers Place Friday, could do the same in blue, would be a very popular player here.

“I got out here this week,” Campbell said. “I had a great summer with the Toronto team on the team. We’ve worked hard, picking their brains on everything. I can’t wait to get this group started. Everyone looks great. . . the people are so friendly, the boys are great and the crew is great.”

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The Campbell story we know. Drafted by Dallas in 2010 and after stopping in Texas, Los Angeles and Toronto, Campbell took a long, winding road to get here. He paid his dues with 229 games to the palace. “I knew all along that I could be the #1 goalkeeper, not just be the number one goalkeeper, my goal is to be the best I can be and help this team win the Stanley Cup and go on from there,” he said.

what are they saying

Campbell, 30, definitely has a fan for Hyman, who played alongside the new oilers’ stopper in Big Smoke. Hyman has a better read on Campbell than anyone else here after spending two full seasons as a teammate. Likewise, Cody Cissy and Tyson Barry, who also donned a maple leaf with Campbell.

“I’ve known Sobey for a while and he’s just such an amazing guy, a really special human being,” Hyman said. “He’s really excited to be here, and I know he’s excited to get started and get on the ice with the guys.”

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Former Euler Craig Simpson saw a lot from Campbell with the Maple Leafs as National Anchor for Sportsnet. He also loves him very much. “He’s a hard worker in practice, so you don’t ask any questions about what his commitment is, and I think Jack would really like himself to his teammates,” Simpson said.

“He’s an excellent teammate and I think he has the opportunity now in a really strong attacking squad to be that calm and that rock behind them to sort things out. It’s a great opportunity he’s going to take. I think fans will really love his character.”

When asked to compare playing in Toronto with what he envisions in Edmonton, Campbell said, “More similarities to be honest. I mean, they’re two great fan bases — passion fans have in both cities. I can’t wait to see Oil Country[and]play orange and blue.” This year. We’ll see the differences, but so far, I just love everything about being here.”

ready to roll

Count me among those who were surprised by how much Leon Drysittel shook Sprained ankle He struggled when Mickey Anderson of the Los Angeles Kings faced him in a fight in the first round of the post-season to play live during the conference final against Colorado.

“It obviously took a while,” said Draisaitl, who put a 32-point break. “It’s a bit limited by a bunch of things this summer, but obviously you’re trying to beat it as best you can and get yourself ready for a couple of weeks from now. I think it’s helped my game a lot actually.

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“It forced me to find different ways to be productive and present my game to our team, which was difficult at first to figure out, but you get the hang of it. It just develops you as a complete hockey player, knowing there is another game you can play. This is very calming and exciting.” I don’t know if sexy is the right word. It’s good to know that I can play a different game and be somewhat successful.”

Somewhat successful? surely.

worth repeating

“When you enter as a new player, you try to figure out your surroundings and other things. Now we are all settled, so it’s good to be back.” – Zach Heyman

And the . . .

rest in peace Agate (Ace) Bailey June 13, 1948-September. 11, 2001.

  • When: On Thursday, January 12, we hopped on a flight at Edmonton International Airport and made our way to Vegas. On Sunday evening, we will be returning from Vegas to Edmonton. So the dates you have to block for this trip are January 12-15.
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