“It’s really too close” to the exit

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider believes first star Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is preparing to end the season in a big way.

While Guerrero did not play at the All-Star level in September, Sneijder thinks last year’s MLS runner-up could turn the corner soon.

“Vlady hit the ball really hard on the last road trip — some on the ground, some in the air,” Schneider said. Blair and Parker On Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Monday.

“I think Vlady is really close, and if you and Boo (Bichette) click him at the same time, it’s very dangerous at the top of the ranking…there are some little cues that he’s working on that kind of accommodation in the club or the batting cage. He’s close. truly. “

Guerrero went 5 for 14 in three games with a walk and his first two games of the month over the weekend in Texas, as the Blue Jays wrapped up an 8-2 road trip.

The 23-year-old has no home race in September and only cuts .196/.260/.239 for the month.

However, Schneider sees an improvement in Guerrero’s mental approach in recent days.

“I think so and I think some other stuff that happened in the batter box. When those two things click, and like I said, I think it’s really coming on, that’s going to be a really good thing for us,” Schneider said.

Meanwhile, Bichette holds a hot racket in a five-game series against the visiting Tampa Bay Rays.

He hit the .500 shortstop with six Homer’s and 16 RBI in September.

Schneider said, “The results have been unethical during the last road trip with what he does. I think everyone is waiting for a big smile or something, but he is very unique who can maintain the same behavior – (whether things are) good, bad or indifferent.”

“The two-stroke style gives him confidence before he gets there. He was really good with swinging and missing and chasing and things like that and eliminating those things and I think he has confidence in his two-stroke.”

This week, Schneider will have to continue adjusting his squad due to the absence of defensive player Lourdes Gouriel Jr (hamstring).

“One day at a time, maybe a few rounds at a time,” Schneider said. “Guys like (Rimmel) Tapia, (Cavan) Biggio, Wyatt (Mirifield), Jackie (Bradley Jr.), (Bradley) Zimmer, they are all kinds of adding looks. Different in terms of what a defensive player can provide whether it is attack, defense, bases or you have.

“Tapia came up and did a really great job with the opportunity that came of it. It’s a creative way to get Kavan and Witt on the field to start the games like we did yesterday and the day before and adapt if we need to. We’re going to go game by game, performance is definitely a big part of it, and the matches are definitely A big part of it. But I think we are fortunate to have the depth we have in our major league roster absorbing Lorde’s loss a little bit.”

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