Elias Pettersson’s 3-assist Penticton Young Stars, and a surprise in Finland – Canucksarmy

We are officially out of the races in terms of coverage of possibilities for the 2022-23 season.

Regular seasons SHL, KHL and Liiga are underway, Allsvenskan and NCAA start in the next 10 days, and we just got back from the Penticton Young Stars tournament.

Now that we have plenty of games to chat about, this Blackfish Prospects Report series will start to be a lot more fun to write every Tuesday.

There are plenty of videos to get into as we round up the potential Canucks forecast week, so, without further ado, let’s dive into what we saw this week.

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This past weekend saw the Young Stars Championship return to the beautiful city of Penticton. The Canucks have put in a good performance from some of the potential North American players who will play in the CHL or AHL this coming season.

We really liked the play Archdeep Pines in this tournament. He turned 21 in January and is set to make his debut for the Abbotsford Canucks this fall after leading the WHL in scoring last season.

Over the weekend, Baines was the Canucks’ most consistent player. He obviously has great hands and sticks to his ability to tackle pucks at top speed. He made all the minor plays and worked hard to expand his holdings in the attack zone. Baines opened the scoring at the weekend for the Canucks when he netted and buried a goal past AHL goalkeeper, Dustin Wolf.

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The main takeaway from Bains is how consistent it is. We saw it in the development camp but it was on full display on the bigger stage during this tournament. He always seemed to move the disc in the right direction and found harmony with whatever buddies he was playing with. There were also some shots in his game where he pushed defenders away and also delivered some very big hits in the tournament.

Another player we liked was Linus Carlsonwho scored three goals in the three-match tournament.

There’s a lot more power in Karlsson’s game than we originally thought. He is willing to drop the shoulder and rely on defenders while leading the net but also has the hands to be able to get around the opponent while crashing into the crease.

We saw instant chemistry between Carlson and his fellow Swede, Nils Oman. Carlson mentioned that the two played together for Sweden in the past and loved skating with his countryman.

Here are two of Carlson’s goals in the tournament, the third goal was a blank shot.

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We’ll see what Carlson can do in the main camp but expect to see him used as one of Abbotsford’s offensive drivers to start the season. It was good for Abbotsford Canucks coach Jeremy Coleton to see what players like Baines and Carlson look like in the game’s movement and he liked what he saw from the wingers.

The other guy Colliton liked was the goalkeeper Artur Silov.

The 21-year-old net keeper had a 24 hour layoff on Friday night and Colliton noticed strong play.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about him and he definitely gave it this week,” Coleton said when asked about Silovs’ play on Young Stars. “He’s going to camp and [will] Getting a chance to show what he’s up to there on a slightly higher level and he should keep getting better.”

The last noteworthy player from Young Stars is Daniela Klimovich. There were a lot of results from Klimovic’s three matches. I saw some of the good, some of the bad and a little of the ugly.

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Klimovic was excellent on Sunday in his second game of the championship. He had a great pass through the hole for Tristin Nielsen For a wide open network.

There has been an improvement in his defensive play as the tournament continues, and Colliton will need to spend a lot of time training and developing Klimovich this season. When I was a young 18-year-old last season, there was a lot of time I spent making sure Klimovic was able to feel comfortable in the AHL. This year, more time should be spent training the bad parts of Klimovic’s game.

He scored a penalty early in the second half of the final and swung a stick violently in front of the referee. These small bursts of emotion must be controlled.

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We’ve seen flashes of excellence and overall, it felt like a good step in the right direction for Klimovic. He has a lot of raw talent and it will be up to the development staff at Abbotsford to get the best of the very talented Belarusian.

Let’s get things started Elias Peterson, or as the quads call it, RePetey. Peterson played in two games last week – one in the SHL and one in the J20.

Pettersson’s appearance wasn’t great as he only had five bouts for a total ice time of 3:10. He was quiet in the Swedish top league but shone when he fell back to the juniors.

D-Petey had a 19:51 icy time on his J20 debut and had three key assists in a 5-4 win.

Here are his three basic passes. And if he does the second on purpose, that’s an incredible basic help.

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Philip Johansson It was a good start to his SHL season. The 22-year-old right-handed defender was signed this off-season and has a two-year contract with the Canucks but will play this season in the SHL.

He had an assist and five shots on the net in a match that saw a total of 21:16 of ice time. The craziest state of his game was the 7:24 he had in the power game.

Here’s a look at Johansson’s help.

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We now move over the ice to the Swedish attackers. We start in the J20 League where Lucas Forsell Three assists in two games last week.

Here’s a look at the three passes. Forsell (No. 56) has secondary assists in all three goals.

To learn more about how Forsell played in the J20 League, here are his eight snapshots from two games last week.

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We also have a few shots on the net from Jonathan Likirimaki to present. He played in one pre-season game for Allsvenskan this week.

Lekkerimäki’s regular season begins on September 23.

Here’s his shot on the net he played at 14:11.

After being a healthy scratch in the Pelicans’ first regular season game, he was the right defender Victor Pearson He found himself in the first Liiga duo later in the week.

Pearson played at 18:00 on his Liiga debut and scored one pass per game.

Here is a look at the help.

Pearson looked good when he played a big role with his new team and we will be watching his progress as well as his icy time this season.

This concludes this week’s Blackfish report. We’ll be back next week to let you know what Lekkerimäki looked like in their regular season opener, how Forsell continues to play in the J20/SHL, if D-Petey keeps collecting points, and much more!