Colorado Avalanche Extension Nathan McKinnon

Colorado Avalanche star striker signed Nathan McKinnon to an eight-year contract extension that will make him the highest-paid player annually in NHL history.

MacKinnon will carry an average annual value of $12.6 million in the deal, which will begin in the 2023-24 NHL season. The total contract value is $100.8 million, which TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun reports included an $85.34 million signing bonus.

The 27-year-old will excel Conor McDavidwho currently has the highest cap in the league at $12.5 million.

“Nathan is clearly one of the key players in the NHL, so a long-term extension was something we wanted to do before the season started,” said Chris MacFarland, general manager of Avalanche. “He has this rare combination of speed and power with a highly competitive level that makes him a player from generation to generation. We are delighted that he will continue to be a member of this team and this community for many years to come.”

McKinnon, who is entering the final season of a seven-year $44.1 million contract with an annual average of $6.3 million, said last week he’s ready to overtake the NHL’s highest-earning star title.

“I think the deal I’m signing would be fair,” McKinnon said on the NHL Player Media Tour. “It won’t be number one or anything, but it will be good for both sides and Denver is the only place I want to be. I would like to be Av for life.”

McKinnon is new to leading Avalanche to the Stanley Cup in June, where he scored 13 goals and 24 points in the postseason. He had 32 goals and 88 points in 65 games during the regular season, exceeding the point mark per game for the fifth consecutive year under the deal contract.

“It’s not what you want, that’s for sure – it’s not the address you’re looking for,” McKinnon joked about the most profitable brand. “I’m glad I won a cup, though.”

McKinnon joins the $10M+ club

Producer Cole Harbor, NS became the 14th player to hold a cap of $10 million or more in the 2023-24 season. The same number of players will carry over $10 million this season, but the Chicago Blackhawks are stars Patrick King And the Jonathan Toews Both play AAV’s last eight-year $10.5 million contract signed in 2014.

Calgary Flames Suite Jonathan Huberdeau It was already added to the list for 2023-24 after signing an eight-year, $84 million ($10.5 million) extension, which he approved last month shortly after being acquired by the Florida Panthers.

1. Nathan McKinnon COLE $12.6 million

2. Conor McDavid

EDM $12.5 million

3. Artemi Banarin

NYR $11.64 million

4. Auston Matthews

TOR $11.64 million

5. Eric Carlson

SJS $11.5 million

6. John Tavares

TOR 11 million dollars

7. Drew Dottie

lac 11 million dollars

8. Mitchell Marner

TOR $10.9 million

9. Jonathan Huberdeau

CGY 10.5 million dollars

10. Carry price

MTL 10.5 million dollars

11. Alexander Barkov

FLA 10 million dollars

12. Sergey Bobrovsky

FLA 10 million dollars

13. Anzi Copetar

lac 10 million dollars

14. Jack Eichel

VGK 10 million dollars

McKinnon also became the highest-paid player in the avalanche, topping his fellow striker Miko Rantanen ($9.25 million AAV) and man of defense Cal Makar ($9 million).