Cavan Biggio sows as Blue Jays sweeps pirates

Pittsburgh – Now comes the fun part.

With the Buccaneers sweeping PNC Park this weekend, the Blue Jays did what they were meant to do. In a post-season race, anything less than a pass against a baseball vault resident would be a disappointment. go out on sunday 4-3 winThe Blue Jays, though, are heading into a bunch of games circled in bright red.

Monday starts in Baltimore with a double header against an O team that has become one of the stories of the season in Major League Baseball. Young Orioles, suddenly stacked with top odds, chase the Blue Jays for last place in the Wild Cards (Rise and Mariners retain the top two) – Baltimore is 2.5 games just behind you Toronto. The two classes of the Middle East will need to get used to each other, too.

After this four-game series in Baltimore, the Blue Jays host the Orioles in Toronto September 16-18, then return to Camden Yards to finish the season October 3-5. Given how the past month has gone, the Blue Jays will likely arrive in Baltimore with their packed bags in the post-season, but there’s no clue as to which city they’ll be traveling to in the next three days.

In the middle of these 10 games against the Orioles, the Blue Jays also face the Rays – a club that has always been a challenge to them – eight more times. You will swing every match and every time in the Wild Card standings. It’s exactly what you want as a fan, player, beer seller or manager.

That’s what you do for him. That’s why I started coaching at age 28,” said interim manager John Schneider. You want to play meaningful games at the highest level with a group that loves being around.”

Toronto’s after-season taste helps in the short 2020 season. The core of youth led by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. And the Bo Bechetdip their toes, and then learn just how quickly the excitement of post-season can unravel.

It happened again on the final day of the 2021 season, when the Blue Jays missed the playoffs by one game, and their fate was sealed when Rafael Devers’ home tour helped the Red Sox beat the Nationals, thereby eliminating Toronto. Thousands of fans stayed inside the Rogers Center to watch on the big screen, until suddenly air was sucked out of the building.

This is still fresh in the minds of the Blue Jays. Knowing that 162 action games can be finished in a split second means everything about the coming weeks will be ramped up. It’s easy to get anxious with this, but Schneider expects the opposite.

Enjoy it. I know you put yourself in a position to catch up,” Schneider said. “It’s weird with how many teams are so close, and it’s not even worth looking at the scoreboard every night to see what the other teams have done. We’ll all be playing against each other here sooner or later. It’s about enjoying these moments and embracing the fact that that’s why I play.”

The Blue Jays will now benefit from having players like George Springerwho knows postseason success so well, and Ross Striplingwhich comes from the playoff culture of the Dodgers.

“Good teams care about business, right?” Strebling said after giving the Blue Jays six innings from a three-ball. “We let one go in there at home against the Cubs. You can’t get ahead of yourself or think about the next series, so you have to take care of business and the game at hand. We could have swept in there at home, but then we came here and we swept the team.” Pittsburgh who was squabbling. We should take care of the business and we did.”

You also see young players growing during these moments, like getting close Jordan Romano, who hits three pirates to take the win with a runner standing on third base the entire time. Schneider called him an “animal” after the win, and the calm and laid-back Canadian echoed the sentiments of his teammates.

“This was great. “Every match feels like a playoff and a win,” Romano said. “We have Baltimore breathing in our necks and a Tampa win, so it’s huge. Every game counts and I think you can see that in the way we play.”

There are layers to this upcoming series, too. Monday’s series starts in Baltimore with a double header, and there’s another one waiting next week against the Rays. It won’t be easy and the Blue Jays don’t tend to make things easy on themselves at the best of times, but these next few weeks are what players dream about from the moment they enter the parking lot on day one. Spring exercises.