Good planning makes a bike roll – ScienceDaily

Good planning makes a bike roll – ScienceDaily

In surveys, the vast majority of respondents usually agree that cycling can contribute significantly to reducing greenhouse gases and sustainable transportation, especially in densely populated areas. In contrast, there is actually a large gap between the desired and actual numbers for many countries. In Germany, for example, the bike covers only 20% of short distances … Read more

How do dormant bacteria count their return to life

How do dormant bacteria count their return to life

The custom artwork shows a counter made of bacterial cells known as spores used for counting stimuli. Credit: Ann Hashimoto In the face of starvation and stress conditions, some bacteria enter a dormant state in which life processes stop. Locking in dormant allows these cells, called spores, to withstand the extremes of temperature, pressure, and … Read more

A new study finds that a large-scale tube repair technology sends nanoplastics into the atmosphere

Purdue University researchers take a test while installing CIPP in 2016. Credit: Purdue University The tiny bits of plastic that damage bottles, plastic bags, auto parts, and even cosmetics get into the soil and water supplies. They disrupt chemical cycles, throw off ecosystem health and pollute both marine and terrestrial environments. Eventually, they also get … Read more

The 80-year-old mystery of static electricity has finally been solved

Charge the mosaic on the contact charged insulators. (a) From a conventional point of view, two neutral materials were electrically connected (gray) and then the charge was separated uniformly (bottom left), one positive (red) and one negative (blue). In an alternative scenario (bottom right), each surface develops a highly non-uniform “charge mosaic” with domains adjacent … Read more

NASA and SpaceX4 have launched an additional crew to the space station

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Space Coast’s SpaceX taxi service flew again on Wednesday with NASA’s Crew 5 mission to the International Space Station. A crew of four from NASA, Japan and Russia blasted off in the Crew Dragon Endurance spacecraft aboard a Falcon 9 rocket that lifted off from KSC’s Launch Pad 39-A just after … Read more

Team develops new tools to help search for life in deep space

Counterclockwise from above: Mono Lake in California was the field test site for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Ocean Worlds Life Surveyor. A set of eight instruments designed to detect life in liquid samples of icy moons, OWLS can independently track realistic motion in water flowing through microscopes. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Are we alone in the universe? … Read more

Asteroid smashed by NASA now shows 6,200 miles like a comet’s tail

Astronomers using the NSF SOAR NOIRLab telescope in Chile have captured an enormous plume of dust and … [+] Debris flying from the surface of asteroid Dimorphos by NASA’s DART spacecraft as it collided on Sept. 26, 2022. In this image, a trace of dust over 10,000 km in length — ejecta pushed by the … Read more

The largest asteroid ever to hit Earth was twice the size of the rock that killed the dinosaurs

Vredevoort crater was born 2 billion years ago when the largest asteroid ever smashed into Earth. A new study suggests that the giant space rock was even larger than previously expected. (Image credit: Lauren Dauphin/NASA Earth Observatory/Landsat) (Opens in a new tab) Perhaps the largest asteroid to ever hit Earth, which collided with the planet … Read more

Roscosmos official supports continued cooperation with NASA on the International Space Station

WASHINGTON — After the successful launch of the Crew Dragon spacecraft that had a Russian cosmonaut on board, a Roscosmos official used a more conciliatory tone about relations with NASA. At a briefing after the launch of the Crew-5 mission on October 5 from the Kennedy Space Center, Sergey Krikalev, Roscosmos Executive Director of Human … Read more

NASA’s Juno spacecraft takes its most detailed image of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa

NASA’s Juno spacecraft to explore Jupiter has captured its most detailed image of the ice-covered moon Europa, which scientists believe is one of the most likely places in the solar system to host extraterrestrial life. The photo was taken last week during JunoA close flyby of the mysterious moon reveals a frozen surface intersected by … Read more