Carlos Alcaraz wins the US Open, becoming the youngest No. 1 in ATP history

Carlos Alcaraz and Casper Rudd are future starters to the sport, but circumstances pushed them to arrive early as they battled for the US Open title with the #1 world ranking on the streak as well. I witnessed this tournament Many early disordersin addition to not having Novak Djokovic (who cannot enter the United States because he has not been vaccinated), so the The tie was too open. These two men – both future stars – took full advantage, reaching the final.
For Alcaraz, this was their first major final. For Rod, his second – made it to the final French Open earlier this year (Lost to Nadal). But that didn’t matter, as it was quite clear who was the better player that day.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Casper Rudd

The match started out a bit tense, although none of the players were particularly poor. None of the serve was dominant, and errors crept into pools of every player. Rudd eventually gave up on an early break, which he was never able to get back. An exciting set, full of exciting points, ended with a score of 6-4 in favor of the Spaniard. History seemed to be on its way to Protects Juan Carlos FerreroIt was not clear what could stop him.

Rudd wasn’t playing badly, but he wasn’t looking his best. The Norwegian moved well and played with good depth, but his signature elite strokes weren’t quite full there. Then he seemed to turn the game around with this point:

Next, the zigzag Alcaraz missed a shot, and Rodd took advantage to take the next two points and take a break. He didn’t leave, even with a shaky next game. The Norwegian held out and then broke Alcaraz again to take the second set 6-2. We were all in one group each.

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The third and fourth groups

Rudd couldn’t keep up the momentum to start the third set. He immediately fell 0-40, and while he saved two break points, he couldn’t save the third. The match became a lot more tactical, with both men content to keep the ball deep and play extended combos – although Rudd was more defensive than Alcaraz for a while. It was effective for Rudd to finish the second set, and he was effective again to win the second half and tied the third set 2-2. The group continued in full swing, with changing tactics and exciting points, until match 5-6. Alcaraz worked to stay in the group, and the match really started. The duo played several high points in the match that lasted about ten minutes, as the Spaniard saved two points before retaining the tie-breaking imposition.

Unfortunately, the tiebreak wasn’t nearly as exciting as the group. Alcaraz did well on serve while Rudd fouled three of his goals, giving the Spaniard a 7-1 tiebreak victory. Alcaraz was now one step away from history.

Both players performed well at the start of the fourth set, but Alcaraz was firmly behind the crowd and he could feel the next win. In the sixth inning, he pounced. Three points built huge returns, and all it took was one weak error from Rod at 30-30. Alcaraz was leading 4-2 and only needed to hold out twice to win the US Open.

Rudd fought, but the teenage Spaniard delivered massive serve after massive serve when it mattered most. After three matches, Carlitos had won 6-4, 2-6, 7-6 (1), 6-3 and was the Grand Slam champion.

What’s Next?

Some will probably wonder if Alcaraz really deserves this number one ranking. After all, Novak Djokovic would surely remain No. 1 if the Serb did not miss most of the season due to vaccination requirements. It doesn’t really matter. The karaz was always Going to #1 at the endAnd the record books will always show that – no longer Lleyton Hewitt – he is the youngest player in ATP history. (Marina Hingis holds the record for youngest #1 ever; she was only 17 when she became WTA #1.)

Djokovic is likely to return next year, so perhaps it’s too early to expect Alcaraz to dominate the Tour as many expect him to eventually. The young Spaniard will have his chances, and is expected to be a serious factor in every major tournament for years to come. And with the way Casper Rudd has performed this week (and all year), expect the Norwegian to be as well.

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