Bruins season preview: We need a quick start to beat injuries

The 2022-23 NHL season begins October 7. With training camps opening soon, takes a look at the three keys, inside the scoop on roster questions, and the expected lineup for each of the 32 teams. Today, the Boston Bruins.

Fitness Trainer: Jim Montgomery (season 1)

Last season: 51-26-5, 4th place in the Atlantic Division; Lost to the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the Eastern Conference

3 keys

1. Reply to new coach Montgomery

After six seasons with Bruce Cassidy, the Bruins opted to change behind the bench, welcoming Jim Montgomery for his second chance at an NHL coaching job. The former Dallas Stars coach vowed to improve the team’s offensive, in part by making more use of its defense, as well as improving communication with the players. But to make the change mean something, Bruins needs to respond with a new voice and a new approach while the menu remains largely the same.

2. Start strong

The Bruins will start the season already late, with three crucial players injured: the striker Brad Marchand (both hips) and men’s defense Charlie McAvoy (left shoulder) and Matt Gerzelec (Right shoulder). Grzelcyk is scheduled to return in November, with Marchand and McAvoy returning in December. The Bruins hope they stay competitive with a look at the prospects ahead of the return of Grzelcyk, McAvoy and Marchand.

3. Find a crime

The Bruins ranked offensive mid-group last season (15th in the NHL, 3.09 goals per game) and without lead scorer Marchand (80 points), they will have to find a target elsewhere to start the season. Will Jake Debrosk Keeping up with the pace he found last season when he got a chance to skate with Marchand and Patrice Bergeron He scored 25 goals? Will David Krigsey He fell right back into the NHL where he left off after a year playing in his native Czech Republic? Will Pavel Zacha Find a home in Boston and improve the numbers you put up with the New Jersey Devils? At least one of these options will have to beat them to stay near the top of the Atlantic.

Video: NHL Tonight on recent signings with Bruins

Roster Rondon

making the cut

With major injuries early in the season, the Bruins have some spots to seize. Instead of the usual Marchand-Bergeron pairing, Montgomery could choose to pair the Bergeron with someone like Probability Fabian Lisel To give them the best possible shot of impressing them at first. They’ll also need someone to fill McAvoy’s place with Humpus Lindholm (Probably Brandon Carlo), presenting an opportunity to Jacob Zborel. There is no doubt that to start the season, Bruins’ lineup will be in flux.

The most interesting addition

Zacha has never played in his draft slot after being selected with the number 6 pick in the 2015 NHL Draft by the Devils. So a fresh start could be good for the striker. Zacha, who is one of five Czech players for the Bruins, was acquired in a deal for the center Eric Hola on July 14 and signed a one-year, $3.5 million contract as a restricted free agent on August 8. He’s out of his career highs with 36 points (15 goals, 21 assists) and could get a chance to play at the top. Six with a highly skilled position, likely a test run to replace Bergeron or Krejci down the line.

The biggest possible surprise

Lysell would be asking for a lot from the Vancouver Giants’ Western Hockey League jump to the NHL at age 19, but the Bruins loved what they saw from the striker in his brief North American stint. He scored 62 points (22 goals, 40 assists) in 53 games and showed flashes of being a dynamic attacking player, which the Bruins could use. Can he do the jump like Pastrnak did in 2014-2015 despite needing to gain some strength and mass? It’s on the table.

ready to hack

This may be a chance for Zboril to prove the skeptics wrong. Before he tore his ACL in December, ending his season, he began showing flashes of ability that caused the Bruins to pick him 13th in the 2015 NHL Draft. With McAvoy and Grzelcyk out, there will be plenty of minutes for Defenseman early in the season and he must. Zboril called frequently.

sleeping fantasy

Lindholm, D (fictional average draft position: 145.8) Likely to bring at least short-term exposure to Boston’s elite strikers To David Buster and Patrice Bergeron in their first power game and should benefit from the eventual return of Charlie McAvoy (shoulder surgery) to a top defense pair, making Lindholm a fantasy sleeper who could wreck his previous NHL career in points (34 with Anaheim Ducks in 2014-15) . – Pete Jensen

Expected line

Taylor Hall – David Krigsey – David Pasternak

Pavel Zacha – Patrice Bergeron – Jake Debrosk

Trent FrederickCharlie CoyleCraig Smith

Nick FolignoThomas NozickMark McLaughlin

Humpus Lindholm – Brandon Carlo

Mike Riley – Jacob Zborel

Derek ForportConor Clifton

Jeremy Swayman

Linus Olmark

The injured: Brad Marchand (hip), Charlie McAvoy (shoulder), Matt Gerzelcic (shoulder)