Blue Jays gain ground while Rays, Mariners, Orioles lose

Street. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) – Tampa Bay Rays star Shane McClanahan was pulled in the fifth with a tight neck during the 5-0 loss to the Houston Astros on Tuesday.

McClanahan (12-6) was in his second start after returning from the 15-day injury list with a left shoulder collision. Five runs were allowed for only the second time this season.

Jeremy Pena scored from three runs, Jose Altov scored three runs and the Astros won for the ninth time in 10 games.

Houston’s Christian Javier (10-9) lost one stroke and made his fourth straight start, scoring six in five runs.

Ryan Pressley had his last two saves to hit his 29th in 33 attempts.

Reyes fell two games behind the Toronto Blue Jays in a race For the best place in the American League.

Tigers 3, Oriole 2

BALTIMORE (AP) – Joey Wentz took a close in the sixth inning and Akeel Badu and Keri Carpenter lifted Detroit away with a lackluster Baltimore.

Wentz (2-2) allowed two hits and walked twice in 5 and 2/3 runs. It was the third time in five major league games that a rookie player had lost a goalless opponent.

Rookie Gunnar Henderson hit a two-run Homer in the seventh inning in the first Baltimore rounds of the series.

Austin Voth (5-3) allowed two runs and six hits in five innings for the Orioles, who lost four of five.

Yankee 9, Pirates 8

New York (AFP) – Aaron Judge made his 60th home run and was followed minutes later by Giancarlo Stanton in a Grand Slam at the end of the match, completing a stunning five-run New York Rally to defeat Pittsburgh.

Judge moved within one of Roger Maris’ records in the MLS when he turned on a right-handed weightlifter Will Crowe (5-10) and drove it 430 feet into the left field stands, pulling New York within 8-5.

The judge equaled 60 home games that Babe Ruth hit for the Yankees in 1927 to set a major league record that lasted for 37 years.

Stanton, mired in a 9-for-72 stasis, lined up in front of Crowe to win Aroldis Chapman (3-3) and set off a raucous celebration at Yankee Stadium.

Harrison Bader had a pair of singles and drove in three runs on his debut with the Yankees.

Blue Jays 18, Phillies 11

Philadelphia (AFP) – Matt Chapman hit Homer three-stroke in the first inning, Jackie Bradley Jr. added a three-stroke shot in the ninth and Toronto hit Philadelphia a rough 21.

The Blue Jays have won five out of seven and have a solid grip on the AL wild-card position. The Velez lost their fifth in a row.

Kyle Schwarber hit his top 40 in the Premier League of the season with the Phillies in eighth, a three-stroke shot that made it 14-10. JT Realmuto hit his #20 home and went 5 for 5 with the Phillies, leading in two rounds and scoring two goals.

Toronto has 10 extra hits at base and scored in each half except the fourth. Zach Pope (3-0) helped the Blue Jays escape the fifth inning with a 7-5 lead.

Kyle Gibson (10-7) was hit for seven runs and 12 hits over five rounds.

Athletics 4, Sailors 1

Oakland, California (AP) – Luis Castillo was chased in the fifth inning and the Seattle Mariners managed only one defeat in their loss to Oakland.

Carlos Santana’s second-half solo was all the Mariners could muster at the plate against JB Sears (6-2) and four forwards. Seattle stayed in the first half behind Tampa Bay in the third and final AL wild Card Championship.

The Mariners have a magic number of 11 to reach the playoffs for the first time since their 116-win season in 2001. But Seattle once again struggled to beat the No. 1 in Oakland, with the Mariners losing two of three at the Colosseum. August 19-21.

Castillo (7-6) is 3-2 in nine starts since being acquired from Cincinnati on a trade deadline. Meet his shortest outing of the season 4 2/3 runs.

Domingo Acevedo completed his third rescue.

Brave 3, Citizens 2

ATLANTA (AP) – Travis Darno broke a two-round tie with Homer in the fourth inning, Dansby Swanson moved into eighth, and Atlanta beat Washington, earning a berth break shortly after when the Milwaukee lost to the New York Mets.

The Braves won 10 consecutive home games, outperforming their opponents 47-15 over this stretch.

Matt Olson fled in the fourth inning before Darno fired back to Homer 18, with a 422-foot shot from Erasmo Ramirez (4-2) making it 2-0.

Charlie Morton (8-6) allowed one run and three strokes in three turns and nine strokes in 5 1/3 innings.

Kenley Janssen faced seven ninth-placed players, allowing one to run before securing his 36th leading NL save in 43 chances.

Mets 7, Brewers 5

Milwaukee (AFP) Francisco Lindor claimed a two-time Grand Slam win in the seventh inning and New York recovered from a four-game deficit to beat Milwaukee.

Pete Alonso hit his second run of three runs in as many nights as the Mets maintained a one-game lead in the NL East over Atlanta and dealt a blow to the Brewers’ wild hopes. The Mets won by only four strokes.

Milwaukee’s loss sealed a watershed point for Atlanta.

Taylor Rodgers’ Great Lindor (4-8) traveled an estimated 413 feet.

Julie Rodriguez (2-4) took the win with one game break. Edwin Diaz earned four points in his 31 save.

Willy Adames went 4 for 5 with two RBIs and a pair of doubles for the Brewers.


Los Angeles (AFP) – Dre Jameson delivered six strong runs in his second major league game, as a Kittel Mart beat Arizona to a 5-2 win over Los Angeles in Game Two of a split header.

The Dodgers won the opening game 6-5 as they led rookie Miguel Vargas in the Green Light Race by one song to finish eighth by five runs.

Jameson (2-0) and the Diamondbacks ended the Dodgers’ five-game winning streak. After throwing seven goals-less innings on his major league debut last week against San Diego, the 25-year-old right-winger extended his career-opening goal-free streak to 12 innings before finally giving up a pair of runs in the 21st home for Max Muncie.

Jameson allowed two runs and seven hits, hit seven and walked one.

Reyes Moronta scored the ninth goal in his first save. Arizona has won only for the second time in its last 22 games at Dodger Stadium.

In the first game, Los Angeles went up for its 44th major MLB win. This was the Dodgers’ fifth straight win as he fought back for eighth and recovered from a 5-1 delay.

Ryan Bibiot won (3-0). Chris Martin provided the ninth goal to achieve his second rescue.

Christian Walker made his 35th home run, and Dalton Farshaw also called Arizona. Kevin Ginkell (1-1) took the loss.

Red Sox 5, Reds 3

Cincinnati (AFP) — J.D. Martinez and Rob Rifsnyder hit fellow singles players, Raphael Devers hit a two-round shot as Boston beat Cincinnati.

Red Sox rookie Brian Bellew (2-6) finished a streak of 44 1/3 round without letting Homer as TJ Friedl had a solo shot in the third inning. Bellow gave up running and eight hits in five innings.

Reds rookie Nick Ludlow (4-7) walked three hits and hit three during his five runs, giving the Reds a league record of 99 knockouts this season – surpassing last year’s Chicago Cubs total of 98 hitters.

Cincinnati held the bases with one at the bottom of the ninth. John Schreiber came in and allowed a fly sacrifice but went out in the final to save his eighth.

Cubes 2, Marlins 1

Miami (AP) — David Butt hit a home run in the seventh inning, then added a fly-by in the eighth inning that lifted Chicago over Miami.

Esteban Quiroz had the first two-strokes of his major league career, and PJ Higgins also had two-strokes for the Cubs, who snapped a three-game slip.

Chicago carried the rules unchecked without a hit in the eighth against loyalist Stephen Ockert (5-3). Then Bote hit the luminous volleyball.

Adbert Zulai (1-1) threw two runs of complete rest. Brandon Hughes finished with a ninth goalless lead around Garrett Cooper’s double in the sixth save.

Giants 6, Rockies 3

Denver (AFP) – Austin Slater doubled, David Villar and San Francisco beat Colorado.

Giants leftist Carlos Rodon was originally scheduled to start on Tuesday, but was pushed back to Friday in Arizona due to a blister in his hand.

Tyler Rogers (3-4) put in two rounds for the win and Garleen Garcia took the final to make his first save.

CJ Cron hits, doubles and leads in three with the Rockies to hit the highest RBIs with 101.

Colorado’s Kyle Freeland (9-10) was strong for five games before having trouble in the sixth.

Royals 5, Twins 4

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) — MJ Melendez hit Homer in two runs, leading Salvador Perez into the green twice in the seventh inning, and dodges Kansas City over Minnesota.

Dylan Coleman (5-2) gave the royal family a seventh goal. Scott Barlow cleaned up Jose Coas’ mess by screwing Marc Contreras into the second and third-placed runners in eighth, then tackled the ninth goal in his 22 tackle.

The Royals fell 3-0 in the second half, advanced to fifth and were still tied 4-all when Melendez doubled from Twins loyal Michael Vollmer (5-6) in seventh. Bobby Waite Jr. followed him with a double, then finished third when Melendez tried to score, and he was sent off by left-footed twins player Jake Cave in a slam on the board.

Perez came through the next court, however, green-lighting the right-hand court line.

Minnesota dropped five of six to start an eight-game run, lagging far behind in the wild cards race.

Baders 5, Cardinal 0

SAN DIEGO (AFP) – Kim Ha-Seong and Mike Clevenger were on a solid outing for San Diego, which closed down Albert Pujols and St. Louis leading NL Central to claim their first win in a full season since 2010.

The Padres, 82-66, led Philadelphia 1 1/2 in the game to take second place in the NL.

Pujols remained at 698 functional homes. Walked and single-handed Clevenger, sprinted to come close against Nick Martinez and beat Luis Garcia by two teams for ninth.

He defeated Kim to lose to Adam Wainwright (11-10) for fourth, and tenth, to advance 3-0.

Clevenger (6-7) caught the Cardinals with three hits in 5 and 2/3 runs while hitting three and walking two.

Angels 5, Rangers 2

ARLINGTON, Texas (AFP) – Taylor Ward scored a two-stroke RBI tiebreaker during the sixth inning of three runs in Los Angeles that ended with a three-stroke play by the Texans.

Ward doubled into the left corner to score Shuhei Ohtani from first base off Dennis Santana (3-8), the first of three Texans faithful. Mike Ford and Joe Adele added John King’s RBI songs.

With bases loaded and none out, Max Stasi hit a sharp chimney to third base. Josh Jong sent the ball and streaked onto the base before launching a triple-play around the century.

Patrick Sandoval (6-9) took his third straight win, allowing two runs in five rounds.


CHICAGO (AP) — Miles Straw hit a playoff break twice in the 11th inning for Cleveland in five rounds, and the Guardians moved closer to a central MLS title.

The Guardians have won for the 12th time in 16 additional games this season and have extended their lead to five games over the White Sox with 14 games remaining. Cleveland improved to 10-7 against Chicago, winning the season series and breaking the tie if teams finished the season and tied for first place.

Straw took his match win over Jake Dickman (5-4), and Stephen Cowan followed him up with a fourth strike – one RBI single – to score for Straw. Cowan scored in the sacrifice fly for Jose Ramirez, and a throwing foul by Chicago catcher Sebi Zavala allowed Rosario to score for a lockout run.

And Emmanuel Clase (3-4), who allowed José Abreu to equalize in the 10th minute, won his fourth block in 40 chances. Brian Shaw escaped twice at home by AJ Bullock – his 100th career hit – at the bottom of eleventh place.