BC Lions beat James Butler to the Calgary Stampede in overtime

Calgary – Quarterback Vernon Adams Jr.’s first start was as an unforgettable lion.

Adams threw for 294 yards, rushed for 32 yards, and took an additional 31-29 win over hosts Calgary Stampeders on Saturday.

Acquired from the Montreal Alouettes in an August 31 deal, Adams didn’t throw any touchdown passes for the Lions, but he didn’t throw any interceptions either.

“It means a lot,” Adams said. “It means a lot.” “I’ve been through a lot. The year type of roller coaster. I had bad training the first day and the guys are still with me. We fought all night.”

James Butler scored a pair of quick touchdowns, including one in overtime.

The Lions (9-3) retained the CFL Western Division’s second place, two points ahead of the Stampeders (8-5) in third, and six points behind the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12-2).

The Bombers have lost two-time Gray Cup champions this season for only the second time, losing 48-31 to the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Adams reserve Antonio Pepkin scored a rushing goal and added a two-point conversion in overtime on Saturday.

British Columbia’s Shaun White scored field goals from 38, 30 and 14 yards in front of 22,319 advertisers at McMahon Stadium.

Dominic Rhimes, the black receiver, collected 91 yards to hit over 1,000 yards this season, and Brian Burnham scored a night for 100 yards.

BC improved to 2-0 against Calgary with a pair of narrow wins.

The Lions came from behind to win 41-40 at McMahon on August 13 with quarterback Nathan Rourke under center.

“I think you can understand how disappointing it is, especially where we are in the standings,” said Calgary midfielder Jamir Thurman. “We have to be better. That simple.”

Rourke injured his ankle the week after the win in Calgary precipitating a trade with Adams.

The two clubs meet again on Saturday in Vancouver.

Jake Mayer went 26 of 38 in passes for 301 yards and three touchdowns, but has fallen to 2-2 at the start since he replaced Bo Levi Mitchell for the quarterback in Calgary last month.

Meyer threw touchdown passes to Malik Henry and Luther Hakunavanhoe, and another to Galen Philpott at VOT.

Butler scored his second most important goal of the game in BC’s opening overtime campaign by carrying eight yards.

Calgary’s offside penalty gave BC a second chance with a two-point conversion, which Pepkin converted with a two-yard shot.

Calgary parried Meyer’s four-yard touchdown throw to Philpot in the end zone.

The Stampeders challenged to pass the overlap after Mayer missed Reggie Bigleton for two points.

And officials ruled against him another close victory for the Lions at McMahon.

“It’s huge,” British Columbia coach Rick Campbell said. “I can’t give our players enough credit to win twice here in Calgary.”

Calgary’s Rene Paredes kicked field goals from 38, 37 and 13 yards, but left wide in a 48-yard attempt with 23 seconds left in regulation time.

Calgary blocked 128 penalty yards for PC’s 87 per game, and the ball is in PC’s hands for 35 minutes, 28 seconds per game.

“We have to get off the field in second place,” Thurman said. “A lot of times we were second and didn’t go down. We have to get the offensive ball.”

Whyte’s 14-yard field goal put the Lions ahead through a converted touch with five minutes remaining in the game.

Calgary leveled until two minutes before the end of the game when Mayer found a lonely Hakunavanhoe in the end zone with an eight-yard throw.

Meyer sailed the Calgary attack to the 48-yard line in the last minute for Paredes’ attempt, which he missed.

Calgary also didn’t turn his first 22-yard descent into a major early in the fourth quarter.

The Stampeders settled on Paredes’ 13-yard shot for a four-point shot.

Pipkin’s one-yard touchdown late in the third quarter netted the Lions with a 20-13 lead.

Unnecessary Calgary roughness and interference penalties sped the BC rally to the Stampeders’ threshold.

Pipkin scored on his third attempt after being blocked by Calgary’s defense twice.

Whyte’s 30-yard field goal early in the second half caught the Lions even at 13-13.

With BC menacing from the 21-yard streak in Calgary late in the second half, Stampeder’s streak Cameron Judg Adams chased down the defensive line, forced a stumble and reclaimed his fifth-leading league-leading recovery of the season.

Paredes’ field goal from 37 yards 12 seconds left gave the home side a 13-10 lead heading into the third quarter.

Meyer and Henry met on a 77-yard touchdown early in the second.

Henry captured the outside coverage of the over-the-shoulder print and headed into the end zone for his eighth touchdown of the season.

BC exploited Calgary’s 35 yards in a penalty shootout on the game’s first six possessions.

The Visitors turned their privileged field position into a touchdown in their opening run with Butler scoring at 10 yards.

The two clubs then exchanged 38-yard field goals in favor of the Lions to lead 10-3 after one quarter.

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on September 17, 2022.