Stock tank after CPI report higher than expected

US stocks fell on Tuesday after a surprising inflation report showed that prices rose more than expected last month. Technology stocks led the way lower, with the Nasdaq Composite down 4%. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell 3%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average surveyed 870 points, or 2.7%. Bureau of Labor Statistics released … Read more

Are foxes dangerous? Here’s what to know and how to deal with it.

Foxes are wild animals, but they are not usually aggressive or dangerous. Fox attacks do occur, but they are noticeably rare and often have minor bites. Foxes are much smaller than both wolves and coyotes. Fox sightings can be rare, given their existence Generally nocturnal natureAccording to Wildlife Informer, that doesn’t mean they can’t be … Read more

Canadian workers rush to retire, making labor shortages worse

Breadcrumb links News F . work FP . economics The wave of retirements has accelerated the exodus of skilled workers, left companies scrambling and wages soar Article author: date of publication: September 12, 2022 • 1 day ago • 3 minutes to read • 7 comments A wave of retirements is shrinking Canada’s workforce. Photo … Read more

A change in Jupiter’s orbit may make Earth more life-friendly

A new study has found that a shift in Jupiter’s orbit could make Earth’s surface more habitable than it already is. University of California Riverside (UCR) scientists have simulated our alternative arrangements Solar Systemfinding that when Jupiter’s orbit is more flattened – or ‘eccentric’ – it can cause significant changes in orbit of our planet … Read more

How does your brain decide between future pain and future profit?

no pain no gain? The study found that the ventral striatum plays an important role when choosing between pain or gain. A new study reveals how the brain chooses between pain and gain. Imagine always having to choose between the activities you love to do and potential physical or emotional pain. Making these tough decisions … Read more

NASA’s CAPSTONE Moon Probe Is In More Trouble Than We Realized

Artist’s depiction of CAPSTONE.picture: NASA The controllers with the CAPSTONE mission are trying to regain control of The probe bound for the Moon, which is currently faltering, has temperature issues, and is unable to use solar panels to fully recharge its batteries. in Modernization released on Monday, Advanced Space described it as a “dynamic operational … Read more

Customer Experience at Jocko Point Fish & Chips

We are working on building a seating area for about 40 to 50 people. It is likely to be completed at the end of October. If you want to eat locally caught fish, look out for Jocko Point Fish & Chips, located off Highway 17 between North Bay and Sturgeon Falls on the Jocko Point … Read more

Horvat talks about contract, Dipetro arrives, Demko looks ready for the season – Kanuksarmi

We’re back at Scotia Barn – more commonly known as 8 Rinks – in Burnaby, this week to continue the Canucks summer skate as more and more players arrive and prepare for training camp in Whistler at the end of the month. Today, we saw four familiar faces from our top six forwards, JT Miller, … Read more

Soft landing ‘a remote possibility’ as prices rise: RBC

Ian VandelAnd the BNN Bloomberg Consumer confidence in Canada looks ‘ugly’: Nick Nano Video log out RBC Economics warns that the possibility of a soft landing for the domestic economy is becoming “a remote possibility”. In a note to clients on Monday, RBC Chief Economist Josh Nye said that so-called “front-loading” of rate increases – … Read more