Andrew Tate Fiasco has apparently ruled out a Valorant franchise spot

G2 Valorant player looking at the news on his computer.

G2 Valorant pro Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho has announced that he will be allowed to play elsewhere during the upcoming franchise season.
picture: Clive Rose (Getty Images)

Perhaps one of the top ten esports companies in the world has just lost its highly coveted spot in the upcoming Riot Games valuation league Because chief executive officer Defend the party with the online misogynist Andrew Tate. Certainly, reports and outside comments by some employees make it seem that way, suggesting that G2 Esports is now facing a huge loss, all because its boss insisted it “celebrate with whoever I want”.

valuation It is already one of the best games to stream on Twitch, but Riot plans to overhaul the esports landscape in 2023 by Launching a new league system is similar to league of legends. There will be two tiers, where the most popular and highest-earning spots go to participating teams that will remain in international tournaments year after year and receive a regular salary from Riot.

G2 Esports was reportedly set to grab one of those partnership sites until its CEO, Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, posted a video last weekend that showed him showing off champagne with Andrew Tate, who has recently been excluded from every major social platform for hate speech. and in general promoting outrageous views about male identity and the treatment of women.

Today, Wednesday, Riot released the official list of partners for the 2023 seasonAnd the sure enough, G2 is not on it. The company said that one of the things it prioritized in choosing partners was “sOrganizations that share our values ​​of always putting fans first, celebrate our diverse community, and are committed to supporting the professionals.”

according to dot sportsRiot made a “dramatic change” over the weekend and will no longer hold one of its G2 North American franchise locations. 1PV Reporter neLendirekt He said Riot held an “emergency meeting” before deciding to bring down the esports company due to the recent controversy, with Sports Business MagazineKevin Heat adding That the decision was at least partly due to the “recent rift with the CEO and Andrew Tate”.

While my box Unable to independently confirm this, many comments made by G2 employees on social media seem to back this up. “Riot’s decisions are theirs, you can agree or disagree, it’s their game and they do whatever they want with it,” G2 Enelthion artist chirp. “But the repercussions will affect many of us behind the scenes, the players and the device, so please think about it before writing beaming tweets.”

An employee in the Partnerships and Information Technology Department chirp“I wanted to say something about the current state of G2 after working for this company for 9 years and 9m, but it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s by far the worst 4 days of my career and I can’t think of anything else than to keep going. Support my team and teammates.”

While G2 Rodriguez, who co-founded the organization in 2014, put him on two months of unpaid leave, not many bought the CEO’s eventual apology. This is at least in part due to a number of pro-Tate tweets that he continued to like throughout the breakup.

Due to Riot’s own company A history of sexual harassmentAnd its current upload to Reforming the corporate cultureUnsurprisingly, the company might refrain from giving a lucrative deal to an esports team whose boss was partying with someone who has routinely jokes About the abuse of women. Now the trick could end up damaging other parts of G2 Esports.

“There is one party to blame for this situation,” he said. chirp A relatively new employee in the company’s social media department. “He may not be a misogynist, but he has proven to be an irresponsible and selfish CEO incapable of remorse. Now we have to suffer the consequences.”

Riot declined to comment. G2 Esports did not immediately respond to a request for comment.